1 Detective Comics #850

WRITER: Paul Dini
ARTIST: Dustin Nguyen
Our own Topher started the talk of this $1 book that is now selling for $25-30.  It will be interesting to see if this does go down as the 1st Gotham City Sirens appearance.  Beyond that, this is just an awesome cover!

2 Gotham City Sirens #1

WRITER: Paul Dini
ARTIST: Guillem March
Raw copies have now surpassed $100.  I think the ship has sailed on ever finding a cheap copy again.  Will the actual movie help or hurt the sales of this one?

3 Ultimates 3 #3 Frank Cho Variant

WRITER: Jeph Loeb
ARTIST: Joe Madureira
Unclear how rare this book is, but what is clear is there aren't many of these available for sale.  Like him or not, Frank Cho can draw women.  This had been a $10 book a few months ago and is now selling $40+.

4 Transformers: Lost Light #1 Paul Pope 1:50 Variant

WRITER: James Roberts
ARTIST: Jack Lawrence
Great IIM #76 homage.  Transformer fans are a niche that keeps buying the HTF books.  This looks to be one of them.

5 Seven To Eternity #1

WRITER: Rick Remender
ARTIST: Jerome Opena
With each passing issue, this looks more and more like a long term winner.  Sales continue to be in the $50 range for cover A.

6 Love Is Love

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Various
Initial sales of double cover price seem to be driven by perceived low print run and the 1st Appearance of Harry Potter in comics (?).  If people didn't buy Hawkeye/Deadpool #0 as Spider-Gwen 1st, I don't see why they would buy this as a 1st appearance.  Time will tell.

7 Saga #41 Recalled

WRITER: Brian K. Vaughan
ARTIST: Fiona Staples
Recalled comics generally heat up initially and this one is no different.  There seem to be enough on eBay at the moment to indicate that stores did not heed the warning from Diamond and are selling them anyways.

8 Amazing Spider-Man #678 Joe Quinones 1:50 Variant

WRITER: Dan Slott
ARTIST: Humberto Ramos
I give up on trying to understand this book.  It defies all logic.  There are better looking, lower printed, Venom variants.  There are better looking, lower printed, Spidey variants.  What does this all mean?  $2100 raw sales.

9 Walking Dead #19

WRITER: Robert Kirkman
ARTIST: Charlie Adlard
Even with many storylines this season, Michonne is still (arguably) the main draw in comics.  Recent 9.8 copies are pushing $700.

10 Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel #1

WRITER: Kevin Grevioux
ARTIST: Mat Broome
This was pulled from the dollar bins months ago and I have been waiting for the crash.  Hasn't happened and in fact it is selling higher now than ever.

Zatanna (Vol. 2) #16

WRITER: Adam Beechen
ARTIST: Victor Ibanez
This book has always been undervalued with a very low 17K print run, especially in high grade because of the blood red cover.

Hawkeye (Vol. 4) #2

WRITER: Matt Fraction
ARTIST: David Aja
Wait, wha?  If you have been sleeping, which apparently I have, this volume of Hawkeye has been selling very well.  And for all you readers, it is apparently because of content only.  Recent sales of this issue are in the $10-20 range.

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    If there are no “proper” Harry Potter comic appearances for years (if ever) and enough people keep saying this is the 1st Harry Potter appearance, would it then de facto be the first one despite what happen in the future? Hope that makes sense, wine is already flowing!

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    Oh my god, no Valiant again!!???
    *blood shoots from eyes *head explodes

    No, just kidding. I went to six shops this Wednesday. Three of them had stacks of Saga. I don’t know if it’s the same in every region but careful paying over cover for it. By the amount on ebay, I think plenty made it out of Diamond. Not to say it’s not “hot.” Just saying that I would try and move them sooner than later.

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    Nice work! Thanks for putting the list together. I hope Detective 850 turns folks on to Dini’s run on the book. There are other great issues that deserve more attention.

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    There is a Lego Cover for the Hawkeye #2 that rarely comes up, and when it does, $60-$70 is usually what it fetches. If you can find it, it makes for a good investment piece.

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      That Lego variant is for issue 15, but the cover is an homage to issue 2. I can see how that could be confusing.
      There is a 1:100 sketch version that seems pretty tough to find.

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    Hi, Valiant fan here. It’s interesting how this site, as much as I enjoy it and participate, has successfully attached a stigma to Valiant fans and the comics. To the point where you can’t bring it up without someone crying “butt hurt”. This is a spec site yet regularly leaves these books out of the conversation. Just this past month (give or take) alone we’ve seen Savage #1 1:50 release to $600 plus sales and now #2 $100+, Divinity III #1 1:50 release to $75-100 sales, and the Britannia #2-4 1:50’s are all now $100 books. All of these have less than 500 copies in circulation, and none of them had to wait months for return on investment if you looked for them at your shops as I did. Not to mention quality storytelling. Yet the conversation is still mostly about larger print run books and lower dollar values. I’m not trying to rock the boat or start a keyboard war. I just think this is worth talking about. I love my Marvel, DC, and Image, but I don’t understand the almost intentional disgust toward Valiant. Thanks for letting me speak, and Merry New Year!

    • Ben Steiniger

      Hey brother, happy New Years to you as well!

      I totally understand what point you are trying to make and completely appreciate the comments. The fact is, Savage #1 has dropped in value by 50 % in 1 month and this is a general pattern for Valiant variants. The Valiant market is a tough one to figure out what is real and what is not real. I totally try and include Valiant here when I feel it is warranted.

      I am in no way offended by what is said in the comments here. What some people have an issue with is that Valiant fans are so quick to point out how great Valiant is and why it should be read by everyone. No offense to anyone personally, but it comes across as whiny, pushy and self-serving. Again, this is not an attack, I’m just answering your question about why a lot of people are so anti-Valiant. People get pounced on and it turns the listening ears off to any point you are trying to make.

      • Avatar

        What’s up Ben! Totally appreciate your points, and I absolutely agree with you about some of the Valiant fans, especially the ones that place themselves in the forefront of “representing” the publisher. I’ll have nothing to do with the Valiant Fans Facebook page for that very reason. That’s why I come here, because I want you guys to see that not all Valiant fans are that way. We all read Marvel and DC, myself included, but I feel like Valiant is left out of the discussion far too often and that if I don’t share some of the interesting aspects of these books, no one will. Or, as I referenced above, they’re used as the butt of a joke.

        The only thing I have to gain in sharing my love for this universe is seeing it survive and being able to read these books for years to come. Marvel and DC, or even Image, don’t need that kind of promotion. They’re here to stay.

        As for the the price on Savage, $350 for a book less than 2 months old isn’t too shabby. My guess is it won’t go lower. If you check out the history of the new valiant books since the relaunch in 2012 you’ll see that there are dozens of amazing high dollar variants and exclusives that only increase in value every year. My only care here is that I feel a lot of people are missing out due to the ‘group think’ going on. And as with anything in life, don’t judge things by the people claiming to represent it, judge it by the actual product, weather that’s a good story or a possible investment. For me, nuff said. I suppose you’re right about me, it is a little self serving. I would love these characters to part of the conversation as effortlessly as any other publisher’s characters without there being a stigma. I guess it’s that stigma that I’m trying to break.



        • Khoi Cakes

          I don’t think you’re going to get anyone fairer than Ben S. 2 yrs ago, Divinity #1 made a splash across the comic book spectrum and it hit the Hot10. Since then, has there really been a Valiant book/event that did that? Even the Book of Death event was kind of lackluster. Otherwise, from my point of view, Valiant events have really only been getting a big reception from Valiant fans. That Savage #1 sale – that was a bidding war between 2 buyers that was cool to see, but was that indicative of any widespread behavior? What was the reason it went from a $50 book to a $800 book in 10 days? In any case, it shows that Valiant fans are willing to spend, so there’s money there, but does that extend to the general speculation/investing population? Which makes me wonder why the McFarlane sketch was reported last time lol.
          And I have been one of the ones that has been trying to get into Valiant based on your relentless shouting lol. Brittania – could not read past 3 issues. Savage – first 2 are okay. So at least know that you’re getting at least 1 person to try Valiant.

          • Avatar

            What’s up Khoi! Thanks for jumping in. Glad you’re reading some stuff, but as with Divinity, or any other publisher’s most popular titles, there’s always great stuff being overlooked that isn’t an event. The first Divinity series was great, but the scarcity of that 1:40 issue is a huge part of what caught the spec world’s eye. Some of Marvel’s biggest variant issues over the past couple years spec-wise came from series’ that are arguably mediocre at best as far as the story goes.

            As for Savage, the $800 sale was the first sale. But since there have been 5 other sales of $350 or higher, not including the current auction which is also at $350. Along with Divinity and Savage I could give you a list of Valiant books since 2012 that are similar in value and even harder to find.

            The thing I find most interesting is the verbal segregation of Valiant fans from fans of other publishers. Valiant fans also read Marvel and DC. The difference is they read some Valiant book that caused them to add the publisher to their list. Maybe a character or story, or a spec opportunity that paid off. Who knows, but my point is that this stigma that this site has attached to the publisher is really odd. I don’t say that as a jab against anyone that reads or has anything to do with this site, at all. It’s just that this site is the only place I see that happening. And because a lot of the readers here hang on every word that comes out of the site, I think it would be really interesting to see what would happen if there was a better balance. But I guess if you’ve tried it, and gave it an unbiased read and still don’t like it, then that’s life. No skin off my back. All I’m saying is that in 20 years of reading comics, Valiant is putting out the best stories right now for my dollar, and I like sharing what I like.

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    ASM 678 is a juggernaut. It is a slick homage, with the Venom symbiote mimicking the top that MJ was wearing in the original comic panel. It has now itself been homage and reprinted multiple times. It’s in the core ASM run, and was very low printed. It is the “Venom Variant” that made people care about and notice the other Venom Variants all those other titles, and is the reason why Marvel is releasing a second round of them next year. If there is such a thing as a “modern grail”, it is it. That’s why it brings top dollar on the rare occasion they get put up for an auction. 😉

  • Avatar

    I think ASM 678 is what it is, not because its a Spider-Man variant, or a 1:50, or a “cool” looking cover, there are plenty of similar books, as stated earlier. I think what pushes ASM 678 above the rest, is that it is THE book that put modern ratio-retail variants on the map as a legitimate collectible that holds its value and can even go up. It got the attention of dealers, and even gold and silver age investors, many of which prior to this book, didn’t care about the variants, called them out for being “flash in the pans” that always devalued, and even joked about how dumb modern collectors were for putting their money into them. If some of you can remember, ASM 678 was a $75-100 book for a few years after it came out and slowly exploded over 6 months in 2014. After which many variants started exploding.

  • misfit138

    At cgc we decided to just put Harry Potter Pin-up by Jim Lee in the key comments. Because it is not a story we are not putting first appearance of Harry Potter in comics.

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