The Crow #1 – April 1999 – Todd McFarlane 1:10 Variant

Welcome back to the final Covers from the Unknown for the 2016 year! I am ending this year with an oldie but goodie artist! Also, this artist has a Venom cover (albeit not a new one) out there that is on fire! This week I give you The Crow #1 (1999 series), 1:10 variant by Todd McFarlane! I have always been a Crow fan, and have had this one in my possession since the day it was released. One of my favorite Crow covers of all time. Given that they have talked about a Crow reboot for some time, I do believe eventually some of the Crow variants might see some heat. This one would be right on top of the list.

Here's the only downside to this comic. There was a print run of approximately 42k when it was released. Technically speaking if this is a 1:10, then there could be over 4k of these available. For a variant, that is a decent number of these out there. Looking around, I have never seen these in the wild, after they were initially released. Online, they are not as fruitful as you would think. They have gone for anywhere between $3 and $15, with the few that are online now for $25+. I have always been a McFarlane fan, and I know there are more fans out there who may not know of this variant. I would not be shocked if this became a $50 variant, but would expect the ceiling to be just about that. IMHO 4k seems to be a decent number to calm the masses. BUT, try to find a 9.8 and you may just be on to something there!

Happy Hunting and Happy New Year Fellas!

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