Variant Heat Check: A Tribute to Princess Leia


Star Wars #4 Ross Sketch variant

Alex Ross really captures the look of Princess Leia as good as or better than everyone else out there. I love the classic pose with Darth Vader lurking in the background.

Princess Leia #1-5 Dell ’Otto Mile High variants

I didn’t even know these existed, but damn are they nice. Too bad it comes with the Mile High price tag!

Star Wars #1 Conner Vault Collectibles Variant

This cover reminds me of the infamous Joker/Batgirl banned cover even though it’s a Disney “PG” version.

Princess Leia #1 Granov ECCC Variant

Granov gives us the sexy but powerful look that Princess Leia is known for.

Princess Leia #2 Maleev Variant

Empire Strikes Back is still my all-time favorite, so this one from Maleev had to make the list.

SDCC 2007 AH! Program Guide

So this is not a comic book, but could be the best slave Leia cover out there!

Note: Variants appearing in the Top 10 will not appear on this list due to contractual obligations.


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