The Last of the Year One


As is often the case (unless it's one of those 5 Wednesday months), the last Wednesday of the year will bring us a lot of joy in the form of comics. Will this give us back all the talented people that passed away this year? No, it will not, but I am hoping it's a first step in an unspoken negotiation that ends up with 2017 being a bit kinder to us, even though it doesn't look that good from where we are standing … Guess what I'm trying to say is Happy New Year, everyone!!!

Incentive Variants

 Dark Knight III: The Master Race #7 Frank Miller 1:100 & Jim Lee 1:500 Variants

Extended to (at least) 9 issues, this means that people who are buying into these two specific sets will need to hold their breath for a few more months. Less copies ordered, same demand, anybody can see how this could be a good buy if found at a reasonable price.

Hulk #1 1:Store Variant

Marvel continue with their one per account variants (nor sure whether they are limited to their top 1000 accounts or not, but it could well be the case). If this iteration of the (neither incredible nor totally awesome) Hulk works out, it might be a good variant to have … it's a big if, though.

Savage #2 1:50 Sketch Variant

The variant for #1 of this got a lot of interest, so if you see this at your LCS, get it as it will probably do well at least over the next couple of weeks.

G.I. Joe #1 Paul Pope 1:50 Variant

With Pope's Transformers variants doing well, you might want to look for this today. I found the cover a bit weird when I first saw it, as G.I. Joe is not the kind of series that screams women in chains, but it's supposed to be a tribute to Steve Leialoha, but I couldn't exactly what piece this is an homage to. If anyone knows, please let us know below.

Rocket Raccoon #1 Rafael Albuquerque 1:25 Variant

Another ratio variant that's a homage … This time it's Sienkiewicz's Elektra Assassin #1 and it looks absolutely wonderful down to the logo. Great work, Mr Albuquerque!!!

(Hopefully) Good Reads

Shutter #25 Brandon Graham Variant

Featuring a Image brunch crossover, having Graham draw Spawn, Shadowhawk or Witchblade is great enough, but as a crossover enthusiast, I kinda want to see what a brunchover is all about.

Monstress #7

Image is publishing so much good stuff lately that's getting hard to keep up. This week I featured 4 titles, but I could have added Deadly Class, East of West, … If they increase their output, Marvel and DC have reasons to get worried. Anyway, Liu, Takeda, awesome!!!

After Death #2

Could retailers have underordered #2? Well, they sure didn't order as many of these as #1 and the movie deal was announced shortly after #1 came out, so you never know!

Seven To Eternity #4

Opeña's bringing the house down with the art and a story by Remender that's taking its time to unravel and people are loving it. Can this be a long term hit???

Supergirl: Being Super #1

Mariko Tamaki sure knows how to make an entrance in mainstream comics … Two new series starting today (Hulk and this one). I am guessing his indie work justifies both decisions and am looking forward to discover her voice. The fact that this is a year one-style story with Joëlle Jones' art makes me think this might get huge.

Scooby-Doo Team-Up #21

I follow this series whenever they cross over with the DCU characters and they are always a bit of fun. Readers who are not goldfish will remember this is not Harley's first appearance in the title (#12), and it spiked for a few seconds before it disappeared from everybody's mind … it will probably be a fun read, though.

Harley's Little Black Book #5

It's Wednesday, so that means Neal Adams is homaging himself somewhere! This should have come out back in August and I blame it for delaying some urgently needed Bisley on Lobo. No more issues of the series have been solicited after #6, was this supposed to be a mini?

Justice League vs Suicide Squad #2

First issue was a standard but efficient team-up issue and given the team of evil guys involved I am still interested in wherever this is going. I mean, half of the bad guys are Giffen characters, so how bad can this be?

Civil War II #8 Kim Jung Gi Variant

Last issue of the series and time to get honest here. I bought the series as a consequence of wanting to have the Kim Jung Gi variants. Had I known at the time that issue #8 (which, at that point, it wasn't even supposed to exist) was going to be a wraparound with all the Kim Jung Gi variants in their original form, I would never have bothered buying the series. Sad, I know!

All-Star Batman #5 Jock Variant

Last issue of the first arc and I can't wait to read it. This has been crazy and a welcome change of pace from the latest more psychological Batman stories. He might be traumatized and the world's best detective, but let's not forget Batman can kick some serious ass! Next issue: Jock on art!!!

That's it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!


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