Took a while to get back on track (hope everyone's enjoying the holidays), but we're back and, as a reminder, it was two sets of these beauties that was up for grabs:

Again, thanks to the good folks at Islander Comics for giving us the chance to run the contest!!!

Seems that there's a bit of confusion over what Mr Pantalena has done as some of the cover picks that were posted were not by him (Deathstroke #18 for example), so after going through the comments, here are the covers that were eligible:

… which are really good picks, to be honest. The first set will be going to the person who picked the cover that I like the most out of those submitted and, even though it wasn't easy, my interest in el día de los muertos gives GFT113 an edge, so congratulations mrnivek!!!

As always, the second set goes to a random pick, in this case …

Congratulations, Gwenpool4President!!! I will contact both you and mrnivek soon to get your details!!!

Also, we are going to have some more contests coming up next week, so keep your eyes peeled!!!


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