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Here's our first guest writer on Creator Spotlight and it's none other than accustomfigures who takes a step forward and tells us about Rev. Dave Johnson, another Gaijin Studios ex-member (and we have done a few in this column because, let's face it, they really were a great group of artists) … AC, take it away!!!

Hello CBSI! With the recent heat from his Britannia covers for Valiant I thought it would be a good time to shed the ‘Artist Spotlight' on one of my favorite, and one of the more under appreciated and hard-working artists in the game today: Dave Johnson. I've been a big Johnson fan (see what I did there) ever since his redesign of Hal Jordan back in he and Mark Millar's Superman: Red Son, circa, 2003. Johnson is responsible for giving us two of the more iconic Else-world versions of Green Lantern and Batman to date! One of my all-time favorite panels in comics is the first time we see Hal in his aviator suit gettin' green and taking names. And Batman with his Russian Ushanka-hat is straight dope.

Since then Johnson has gone on to mostly do cover work, however, he is known to work on covers for large runs of a character (i.e. Deadpool, 100 Bullets), and the guy is currently doing work for Marvel, DC, and Valiant, as well as promo art for TV. Johnson is a workhorse at the very least, and never sacrifices quality. His style is a mix of clean abstract and surreal backgrounds, with bold geometric designs that define the character as the centerpiece.

Recently Johnson has done covers for Marvel's Secret Wars, Powerman and Iron Fist, Star Lord, and Ninjak for Valiant. Aside from the aforementioned, some of his more iconic work includes the covers for Batman: Broken city, Punisher MAX, and Shadowman. He did some sweet covers for Micronauts #2 featuring Acroyear wrecking house, and last year's LCSD DKIII variant, which I really loved. Hands down, my all-time favorite Dave Johnson cover is his Shadowman #7 variant for Valiant featuring Doctor Mirage. Look for more of his stuff in the future on covers of DC Rebirth The Flash and Britannia #4.

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