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This week we’ll talk about an artist you already know, a book you already know, and another comic you already should have bought. Because sometimes, all it takes is a little push.

There’s no secret about this one. There are relatively a lot of them out there and yet, they are hard to find. Probably the most iconic Jock cover to date.

Detective Comics #880
Release Date: July 27 2011
Cover Artist: Jock
Print Run: 38,585
Raw: $110
9.6: $165
9.8: $300

This cover is the Catwoman #51 of Detective Comics. Not in terms of art, of course, but they both are done by renowned artist, have a similar print run and seem to follow the same path in term of value. It’s probably too late for some people to grab a copy but don’t lose hope when looking into dollar bins. Except the great Jock cover, which magnificently express the Joker obsession for Batman, there is nothing significant about this issue, so everything is possible. I don’t think it has peaked yet, but for $110, I’ll try the bins instead of the Bay.

Now, who is to Spider Man what the Joker is to Batman? Venom, of course. You probably have guessed where I am heading by now, and if you did, I hope you have at least one copy of this book. Because if you know about this cover and you need to read this to buy one, well…

Thunderbolts #127
1:10 Variant
Release Date: December 17 2008
Cover Artist: Jock
Print Run: 3,637
Raw: $20

What a great cover! Everything on this book screams investing. It has a low print run, a great artist, and a character everyone loves. Venom is red-hot right now but that’s not the point. This book will only grow up in value and the supply will slowly run dry. Even with all the Venom craze since the past few months, no one seems to talk about this one. We need to look back at the basic of investing a look where the market isn’t. Dell’Otto and JSC are amazing artists, but so are Jock and a lot of others. Maybe it’s just me, but on an investing point of view, I’d go for 10 of those over a single Venom #3 1:100 JSC Variant anytime..but that’s just me. This book won’t be a $20 for long and once it will start to rise in value, it won’t hold down. Tec #880 has an enormous print run compared to that one and commands big money, like I said earlier, all it needs is a little push. Don’t wait for it to happen to secure a copy. Without a doubt a long-term hold, big things to come for this one!

Keep in mind that investing is subjective and that’s what makes it fun. You win, you lose, but you can’t snooze. Will you buy a copy, do you already have one, two, or more, or will you pass on this one? Let us know what you think! Until then, see you next week on another pattern!

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  • Avatar

    eBay instantaneously sold out!

  • Avatar

    I don’t understand the hate JSC is getting for the Venom. On one hand you have people loving it and preordering at $400 and then u have the haters. Other than maybe the feet of Venom, it’s a badass cover.

    There’s really nothing you can knock it for besides that. It’s without a doubt better than that 1:1000 Mcfarlane cover that’s selling for an arm and a leg.

    • Louis-Philippe

      My point wasn’t that it’s not a great cover, but on a investing point of view, I think the Jock cover is a better option if you’re willing to spend the same amount of money. But like I said, that’s just me. I’d buy the JSC anytime if the price is right.

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    Not directly related to this article, but with all of the love for Venom covers lately I believe BEYOND #2 is being overlooked. A relatively lightly ordered mini series with no variant and a black cover. Try to find a raw 9.8

  • Avatar

    I’m sure he bought up as many as he could before he did this article. These articles honestly don’t help investors unless they already bought them. If you just said invest in this instead of giving a print run and pumping the hell out of it it might help ur readers secure a copy or 2 at a reasonable price but that’s not what u guys do here

    • Louis-Philippe

      I don’t get your comment… Oh would that be a great article if I just put a cover out there and only write “invest in this”. Instead, I give the readers all the tools they need to make a grown up decision about buying a copy or not. I am not forcing anyone to buy anything. Maybe you’re just mad that EBay went dry and that you probably can’t buy a copy anywhere else since no one wants business with you. Happy Holidays 🙂

    • zraximus rouge

      Your a tool bro. Don’t no like it, get off the site.

    • Simon Payne

      I not really sure why you are still here. I don’t think I ever heard you say anything positive. Go troll somewhere else

  • Trey

    These are the people who visit the site the most. Trust me : )

  • Topher

    He did A Penguin cover where the umbrella is the bat-signal which is pretty darn creative.

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