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As promised, canadiancomicguy takes us on a journey through his Christmas comic collection … and just in time to get all of us in the holidays spirit! Thanks CCG and Happy Holidays everyone!!!

It's the Holiday season and what better way for a comic book site to celebrate than to talk Christmas/Holiday themed comics. I've been collecting for years and have just over 100 different books for the season.

The big question – why collect Holiday themed stories and covers?

For me, like the specials that come on TV you’ve seen year after year and keep watching, there’s something enjoyable in the tradition of breaking these books out every December and reading these stories. These are great stories with hopeful messages where more often than not, the bad guys aren’t so bad or, at least, the good guys are willing to cut them some slack since it is Christmas after all. And as this tradition – and collection – has grown there is something nostalgic in revisiting many of these books. There is something that reminds me of starting out reading and collecting comics as a kid. Unlike my keys and other investments that sit carefully in Mylar or slabbed (and can still be appreciated for the cover art) these get opened and read year after year. There’s something about the feel and smell of the books, as familiar as the stories (and the great ads), that bring me back to sitting with a pile of books around me, reading through a cold winter Saturday afternoon.

And that’s worth the collecting for me. These are my readers. These are some of my favourite stories. These are my connection to how it all began.

I should note that I have not spent more than $15 on any one book. Most can be found for a dollar or two. Honestly, they also make great gifts. Young and old seem to enjoy seeing Superman team up with Santa! I find these entirely in the wild. I may start to pay more for earlier issues – but for now I’ve kept it cheap. I keep them in a separate short box organized by publisher and alphabetically, with one shots and specials at the end.

Here I share with you some of my favourite covers from my collection organized by theme. Below I list the issues in my collection if you want to search for something you might like. Enjoy!

Heroes Dressed as Santa

Santa Carrying a Weapon

Dead Santa!?

The Christmas Tree


Christmas Monsters

Other Great Covers

Here is my full collection. About 100 books (this list excludes yearly DC and Marvel Holiday specials, e.g. DC Holiday Special ’09 – but I have them!)


Batman Titles

Batman Family #4
Batman #239
Batman #309
Batman and Robin Adventures #3
Batman Adventures Holiday Special
Batman and the Outsiders #19
Batman and the Outsiders #31
Brave and the Bold #148
Detective Comics #826
Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #79

Superman Titles

Adventures of Superman #462
Adventures of Superman #487
Superman Man of Steel #109
Superman #166
Superman #64
Superman #165

DC Comics Presents #67
Flash #73
Flash # 87
Green Lantern #113
Green Lantern #36
Green Lantern #59
Green Lantern Mosaic #9
Harley Quinn Holiday Special
House of Mystery #257
Jonah Hex #34
Justice League America #110
Justice League America #152
JLA #60
JSA #55
JSA Classified #33
SGT rock #350
Spirit #13
Starman #27
Teen Titans #13
Unexpected #220

DC Specials

Ambush Bug Stocking Stuffer
Super Star Holiday Special


Spider-Man Titles

Amazing Spider-Man #166
Amazing Spider-Man #314
Amazing Spider-Man #700 variant
Spectacular Spider-Man #112
Spectacular Spider-Man #173
Sensational Spider-Man #24
Spider-Man’s Tangled Web #21

Marvel (cont'd)

Amazing Adventures #5
Avengers Annual #1
Captain America #292
Daredevil #206
Daredevil #229
Daredevil #253
Fantastic Four #361
Incredible Hulk #378
Iron Man #254
Luke Cage #7
Man Thing #3
Marvel Age #36
Marvel Age #85
Marvel Team-Up #127
Marvel Two-In-One #8
Marvel Two-In-One #74
The ‘Nam #23
Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD #10
Sensational She-Hulk #36
Mighty Thor #444
What The–? #10
X-Factor #27
(Classic) X-Men #6
X-Men #143
X-Men #165

Marvel Specials

Punisher Holiday Special
Punisher X Mas
Punisher X Mas
Moon Knight Silent Knight
Howard the Duck Holiday Special
Deadpool MaXMas
Spiderman Holiday Special 1995
Gwenpool Holiday Special
Antman’s Big Christmas
Fantastic Four #4 and Invincible Iron Man #4 Connecting Covers

Other Publishers

Fathom #3 Variant
Futurama #64
Gen 13 #13C
Spawn #39
Tarot Witch of the Black Rose #41 variant
Other Specials
Alf Holiday Special
Ambush Bug Stocking Stuffer
Bone Holiday Special
Flash Gordan Holiday Special
Glory and Friends Christmas Special
Gold Digger Holiday Special
Jingle Belle’s All Star Holiday Hullabaloo
Michaelangelo Christmas Special (reprint)
Super Star Holiday Special
Tick Big Yule Log Special
X-Files X-Mas Special (2015)


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    Since it appeared in a holiday treasury-sized edition in the 70’s, “The TT’s Swingin’ Christmas Carol” in Teen Titans #13 brings back some wonderful memories.

    • Avatar

      Those treasury-sized are great. It also appears in the easy to find and super cheap Christmas with the Super-heroes #1 from 1988. It was this book that actually got me into collecting these books and Teen Titans 13 was one of the first I added!

  • Avatar

    Marvel Team up #1 has an entire sandman torch spidey story dedicated to Christmas.

    • Avatar

      Good call! I’ve read the digital version but I’ve never been able to find one in my affordability bracket in the wild. It’s a fun story and I think I just may have to up my maximum for this book the next time I see it.

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    Might sound weird, but I get you with the smell of an old book. I was just talking to my wife about that the other day, she gave me a strange look, lol.

    Bizarre Adventures 34 has a sweet cover as well. Thanks for sharing!

    • Avatar

      That justice league 110 is the perfect book for that great comic book smell. Worth rereading just for that! I’ll check that bizarre adventures. Thanks for the tip! Thanks.

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      my girlfriend laughs at me everytime i buy a 60’s back issue, open the plastic and smell the smells of the paper.
      the wonderful smells of attic or basement stored comics

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    How can you forget about the classic Lobo’s parlimentary christmas;)

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      This is a great cover! I shared this article with a friend and he said the same thing as you! You know, I’ve never seen it in the wild. Can’t explain why but it’ll be in my collection the second I see it.

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    Thank you Inigo for suggesting this and giving me the opportunity to contribute. Thank you too for posting it. And thank you everyone for this great community. I hope this is the beginning of my being able to contribute more for 2017. In the meantime enjoy the holidays and happy new year!

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    Great article!

    I’ve been collecting Christmas comics for years, from the superhero variety you showcased so well, to funny animal series like Rudolph, cartoon series like the Dennis the Menace specials, and all the assorted store promotional giveaways from the 50s & 60s. And then there’s the various Archie’s Christmas Stocking specials. Walt Disney had tons of Christmas giants (the first Uncle Scrooge appearance is in a Christmas issue).
    What I like to do, and it’s become a little tradition, is to save all the Christmas books I find & buy throughout the year, and read them after the tree goes up. It makes the stories just a little more fun & special.
    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to everyone. I’m off to read this week’s Christmas issue of Harley Quinn!

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