Bizarro’s One for 12/21/16


Bizarro not back again this week for Bizarro number zero fan.

Venom Vol 3 #2 Cover A Regular Gerardo Sandoval Cover

Why Venom try kiss Bizarro with tung. Bizarro not like that bizarre. It ok, he just mad because under mis stood and trapped on cover.

Punisher Vol 10 #7 Cover D Incentive Kamome Shirahama Variant Cover

Poor Punisher need day off. Him have upset tummy from hugging people. That why he not get his pink bismol blood is all over ground.

Cage Vol 3 #3 Cover B Incentive Bill Presing Variant Cover

This Bizarro favorite cover of week. Bizarro love that Coffy and Shaft finally team up to fight man. Coffy better look out or car will hit her. Fight da power Shaft! Bizarro not have U back!

Jughead & Archie Winter Annual Digest #24

Bizarro not tell Archie and Jug head that Jaws coming because Bizarro tell Archie every month of danger! Bizarro not care that even more fun inside, Archie on his own now!

Batman Vol 3 #13 Cover B Variant Tim Sale Cover

Everyone on cover alway yell at Bizarro. So Bizarro love this cover where giant doll head yelling at little old man. Maybe yelling doll head eat him. Bizarro buy and find out!

Green Lanterns #13 Cover A Regular Tyler Kirkham & Tomeu Morey Cover

With so few book this week Bizarro not know Venom crossover into Green Lantern book. Bizarro must buy and read Yellow Venom’lantern’s vs Green Lantern wonder twins.

Super F*ckers Forever #5 Cover A Regular James Kochalka Cover

Is that boy or girl.. Bizarro no can’t tell… oh no Look out Super F that lighting strike you alive! Your squiggle magic not stop lightning… Bizarro think F stand for Funny. Bizarro must get to top of mystery!

Hero Cats #14 Cover A Regular Tracy Yardley Cover

Bizarro not know Valiant decide to do whole cat book now! Bizarro must buy comic about hero cats…. Bizarro not confused why start with issue #14 instead of #1, that comic publisher newest gimmick!

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