Sirens, Gypsy, Patience and lots more!

Detective Comics 850

The formation of the Gotham City Sirens was based on the fortune Catwoman stole from Hush. She did this with the Oracle’s help and dispersed the wealth to her friends. This group later became the Sirens which ran for 26 issues. Issue 1 of Sirens picks up pretty much right where this story left off.

Though Ayers is going to direct, nothing has been able to slow the explosion of sales for key books. As far as they go ( and possible first appearances ) this one is now an undervalued gem with no variant. Hit those bins collectors.

Justice League of America 233

First Cindy Reynolds/Gypsy

I know you all are own on TV spec but remember that all it really takes is the right appearance for a cheap book to make you a little cash. This pick is more for collectors but one never knows.
The Flash show is getting another female hero. This time it’s Cindy Reynolds who was first introduced in volume 1 of the JLA.

Note: She appears in the DC Sampler 2 which predates this book.

Batman: Secret Files and Origins

First appearance of Lego Batman

The Lego Batman movie looks great and I expect it to be a real treat for hardcore fans. Billy Dee Williams has been cast to voice the Tim Burton Two-Face that never was. With moves like that fans have to be excited. This 2006 comic from Lego appears to be the first comic appearance of Lego Batman.


Indie comic legend, Daniel Clowes has already has some of of his Eightball comic characters come to live action films. This one is a bit different. If you haven’t read this time traveling, sci-fi love story it’s worth hunting down. It was only released in HC format from Fantagraphics.

Credit to Eric Mendes from the G+ group for pointing out that a preview of Patience appeared in Vice Magazine Vol. 23 #1 the same month as the Patience HC was released. It has yet to be determined if the magazine was in fact released prior to the HC but it probably was.

Amazing Spider-Man 695

First X-23 in Amazing Spider-Man

If you are trying to put together a complete X-23 collection then you are gonna need this sneaky appearance. She appears via this incredible image of future events set to happen in the Marvel universe.


Lost Dogs by Jeff Lemire

With After Death and Plutona announcements it appears that the people who make shows and movies love this guy. This work was his first effort and right away one can tell he was destined for fame and glory.


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    I miss Dini on Batman. His Detective run was long and spot on.

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    Justice League of America Annual Vol 1 #2 was the first appearance of Gypsy which was published Oct 1984.

    Justice League of America Vol 1 #233 was published December 1984.

    • Topher

      I’m checking now but it looks like you are correct. There’s no date for the annual but the story occurs just prior to 233 and if 233 came out in December then the annual would at the very least have been released at the same time. DC released its annuals earlier than December. Thanks for the correction, The annual has already had some buzz thanks to Vibe. I’ll see if I can edit the post to reflect the Sampler as her first.

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    A bit late to this post but for all interested in Patience, there exists a VERY limited 18 page full color Promotional Preview Comic that was available at the 2015 Comic Arts Brooklyn Festival held on November 7th, 2015, thus predating the Vice Magazine Chapter and the Hardcover release by about 4 months.

    Dan Clowes was in attendance at CAB to promote and sign Patience but it was delayed at the printer. Therefore, all he had was the printer’s proofs in a plastic folder and a small stack of these Preview Comics along with a Promo Card that contained a 10% off discount code if you pre-ordered the Hardcover directly from Fantagraphics. The Preview Comic was only given to those who completed the pre-order and Dan Clowes signed them if you wanted.

    I have only seen one copy of the Preview on eBay so it might be something to grab while you can. Perhaps more were available at other events or in the Fantagraphics offices but at CAB there was only one box of 25 copies and they were gone quickly as there was a huge line to meet Dan Clowes.

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