Classic Cover of the Week 12/19/2016


New Week, New Covers!!





Cool Sci Fi cover that predates the fantastic Frazetta run of the early 200s.  No idea who the cover is but it boasts the 1st Appearance of Barney Carr the “Space Detective”.  Full disclosure I picked a real sharp copy of this up recently.  Watch out Golden Age, here comes team pump n dump.

5 on the census, a 9.2, 3 9.0s and a 6.5

SHELF DATE of December 1950



There are some crazy ass covers when you get into the late teens through issue 33 or so of this run.  Lots of great work by Mac Raboy.  This issue not only is a Raboy, but features the 1st Cover Appearance of Captain Marvel Junior.  Not to mention Bulletman kicking some ass in the background and some lady restrained in wax…

30 Universal copies on the census with an average of 5.61.  A single 9.6 and a lone 1.5 make up the top and bottom of the chart.

SHELF DATE of January 1942

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