Hooked on Connecting Covers!

I’m going to get a little deep before I share more connecting covers so if you have no interest, just scroll down to the covers. Today is my ninth wedding anniversary. Why do I tell you this? Because if I wasn’t married to such a kind, understanding, accepting individual like my wife Romy, none of my weekly articles would be possible. She appreciates the fact that I have a passion for comics and has always encouraged me to enjoy my hobby to the fullest simply because it makes me happy. She has given me three beautiful children and my life wouldn’t be complete without her. In essence, she is my connecting cover. Happy Anniversary Babe … I love you!

OK sappy sidebar over…on to the covers!

Ultimate Fantastic Four 54-57

I really liked the Ultimate lines when they first came out. Modern takes on how our favorite heroes came to be was pure genius in my opinion.

Uncanny Inhumans 0-3/All-New Inhumans 1/Karnak 1

I’m not sure what to make of the Inhumans…I’ve always liked Black Bolt but I don’t like the idea of these guys replacing mutants and specifically the X-Men in the Marvel Universe.

Justice League 22/Justice League America 6/Justice League Dark 22

Not sure what the Trinity War actually is but that woman kneeling looks like she started it.

Fantastic Four 601/FF 13

I like the white uniforms. Very clean looking. Especially Spider-Man’s.

Secret Warriors 17-19

I like this set. A little character evolution for Cap and Nick Fury.

All-New X-Men 9/Extraordinary X-Men 8/Uncanny X-Men 6 Lashley Variants

Each of these has a person with claws featured in the front. I like the symmetry.

Enjoy your weekends everyone! Inigo congrats on the new addition! Now go get some sleep! After you edit my article of course 😉


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