Nova #2 (2013 Series) J Scott Campbell Variant – April 2013

Hello All, and Welcome back to Covers from the Unknown! This week's cover has so many things going for it, I don't know where to begin! I do believe there may be some of you out there who are aware of this one, but I did want to bring this info out to all our followers! I give to you Nova #2, from the 2013 series, the 1:50 J Scott Campbell variant. This cover not only features Nova, but also Rocket Raccoon, and also Gamora, who now has her own series, with her very own JSC variant out there!

Here is the news you all want to hear about this one. Nova #2 had a print run of approximately 40,000. What this means, is at the very most, there are 800 of these out there. You know very well, no one ordered 50 copies of Nova in 2013. So, how many of these are out there? I would dare to say about 500. On the bay, right now, there are a few of these, with the lowest being about $80. Other than those, I can't find another one online. In my opinion, get one soon. I believe once more people are aware of this one, and if the Gamora series is a hit, this could have a big future.

Good luck and Happy Hunting Ladies and Gentlemen!


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