Item #1: Win Paolo Pantalena's JL vs SS Variant Set

Introducing a new contest! Paolo Pantalena is starting to get more and more popular lately after years of doing work for Zenescope and Aspen. If you read the last couple of issues of the previous Deathstroke volume or his Batwoman story in this week's DC Holiday Special, it seems clear he has started moving onto greater things. These variants are a good reminder too, and I think most of you will agree. They come in three flavors:

These variants are presented by the good folks at Islander Comics and can be purchased by contacting them via Facebook or by email at … As a limited offer, if you mention the promo code CBSI4PAOLO you will be able to get the color version for $10 and the recolor negative version for $15 shipping included, but only until Sunday 18th.

Luckily for you, you now have a chance to win one of two sets for free … As always, we will do a question and a random pick between all the comments. The question this time is: what's your favorite Paolo Pantalena cover?

The comment section will be closed next Tuesday!

Item #2: Who is Chad Hardin?

So we asked M&M what their favorite answer was and here is what they had to say:

There were some very good responses and some very funny ones too. It was very hard to pic a winner. But “Shines” really had me laughing so he is the winner!

Congratulations Shines!!! Will contact you in a bit, but before that, we need to figure out who the second winner is … Drum roll!!!

Triplej, same thing I had to say to Shines! Congrats and I will be meeting you soon by email!!!

M&M also offered some very nice info on Chad:

If anyone is interested Chad's first work was for Digital Webbing #29, and his First Cover was for Bloodrayne Tibetian Heights #1. Good luck finding those.

By the way, M&M wanted me to thank you all for taking part in these, and also they wanted to let you know that they messed up and hadn't set the proper pre-sale discount for the variants, so if you thought they were expensive before, that's the reason why. You can still find them here but are cheaper now. You want more? How about an additional 10% discount for CBSI readers with the following code: MSIXR1489863

Whoever said you cannot have everything was lying to you!!!


  • Gwenpool4President

    Favorite Paolo Pantalena cover? I really like Oniba Swords of the Demon #0.

    Unique, with some overlap resembling some of my current favorites. I have no complaints. More stylized Frank Cho-ish. I dig it. ?

  • Avatar

    His “Little Mermaid” 2 cover is weird and fun. I remember thinking that reimagined series might be fun to look into.

  • Avatar

    Thank you so much! The art on these by Chad is fantastic!

  • Avatar

    Favorite Pantalenas cover is DEATHSTROKE #18…. love how he made deathstroke’s gear so bulky!!

  • Avatar

    I really dig Paolo’s Lady Death DAMNATION GAME #1 cover. Probably my favorite artist for Lady Death, I really like the designs of her outfit. Very detailed work, everything works together well.

  • Avatar

    Lady Death Pinup #1. Easily! Hot cover!

  • Avatar

    Love his Jirni Covers and Art for Aspen. Especially love Jirni #1, that cover is amazing!

  • Avatar

    My favorite Paolo Pantalena cover just happens to be the negative color cover for Justice League vs Suicide Squad #1. The reason being is, this cover has given me a new found appreciation for this style. Normally I’m not a big fan of the “negative” covers. Even though they’re generally much smaller print runs, thus more sought after. I just rarely find that “negative” look appalling. Well Paolo Pantalena definitely changed my mind on this one, he’s managed to tackle that “negative” look in a way that’s not only appealing to the eye, but in this case it actually looks better than the full color version. The minimal use of color play, and all the cool colors in the background give this a level of depth that is amazing. It looks more like a 3-d cover than a negative color cover. In a nutshell I believe that Paolo Pantalena had perfected the “negative color” technique on this cover, and I hope that in the future many other artists will follow in his footsteps when attempting this type of cover. If so I will have to start adding allot more “negative” covers to my collection.

  • longballburrell

    My favorite Pantalena cover is the virgin variant of this set, obviously 😉

  • Avatar

    I’m a big Red Hood fan as is, but his cover for Red Hood and Arsenal #2 is tip top! Snoogins!

  • Avatar

    My favorite cover by Paolo Pantalena happens to be the virgin variant of Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad 1!

  • jason jones

    Well, it’s not a cover but his “hulk transformation” is pretty awesome.

  • Avatar

    My favorite Pantalenas cover is DEATHSTROKE #18, At my age and bad heart..I have to jerk off every morning to get my heart started to even move and get out of bed. Death Stroke is what comes to mind as I barely make it up. Death Stroke # 18 comes to buy mind as i blow my load

  • mrnivek

    Grim Fairy Tales 113, always enjoy Day of the Dead covers

  • Avatar

    penny for your soul: death # 7 has to be my favorite, great looking cover there

  • Avatar

    INFERNO: RINGS OF HELL #3 gotta be my favorite cover by Paolo. Boobies!

  • Avatar

    there is no favorite cover as his next cover will always be my favorite haha

  • Avatar

    Mine would have to be the Jirni 1 retailer sketch version. It was the first time I noticed his art and was like, who is this guy? Really great.

  • Avatar

    I would say Lady Death Damnation Game #1 would be my favorite. With this cover, if you put on a pair of 3-D glasses, she would have too many fun things in your face! Just an outstanding cover.

  • bytemonkey

    My all-time favorite Pantalena cover would be the one for All New Fathom #8 Long Beach Comic Convention 2014 (Cover C). Here’s what it looks like: