Elektra #1 (2014)

This week we get back into Marvel and take a look at a character who has a movie and a role in an ongoing TV show, yet doesn’t have many covers to speculate on. But no worries, I got your (our) back! Let’s talk Elektra!

This cover is probably her most valuable to date (besides her first appearance of course):

Elektra #1 (2014)
1:75 Variant
Release Date: April 23 2014
Cover Artist: Bill Sienkiewicz
Print Run: 635
Raw: $150

It’s a really beautiful cover, no doubt about it. But I feel that the art style on this one might not be to everyone’s taste. Still, there are plenty of Sienkiewicz and Elektra fans are out there and they are more than willing to pay for it. On the other hand, it might be too late for speculators to snag a cheap copy, even though I don’t think the value of this one will go much higher. I’ve been wrong before though, and it will always be a very low ratio variant and a number 1 issue; but for $150, you can get a lot of good books.

Speaking of! I’ve managed to find you some pretty cheap gambles if you want to play the variant game with Elektra. And by variants, I mean ghosts.

Heroes for Hire #4 (2010)
1:15 Variant
Release Date: March 2 2011
Cover Artist: Harvey Tolibao
Print Run: 1,455
Raw: $7
Daredevil: End of Days #3 (2012)
1:25 Variant
Release Date: December 5 2012
Cover Artist: David Mack
Print Run: 1,170
Raw: $15

You’ve been served! I have a personal preference for the art on Heroes for Hire, but that’s just me, and I know a lot of you guys will prefer the Mack cover. That’s the beauty of it. You’ve got two low print Elektra variants with two very different art patterns, so you get to speculate on the one you love. In all honesty, I think that both covers could go for way more than they are right now. I mean, the art styles on both are exactly what the market is buying right now, and, as I said before, you can’t find a lot of Elektra covers that people will want to buy.

Quick flip or hold? That one is hard to decide. Hold the one you love the most, and flip the other? I don’t know..but try to find both first! Good luck 😉


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    Awesome thanks I love that Mack cover! There’s also Savage Wolverine 6 with a pretty cool Campbell Electra variant cover.

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    Love Elektra covers but there are very few good ones out there. I still think if you want to speculate just go for the Daredevil #168. When it comes to non-variants, I like the art on the Greg Horn Elektra series covers, and those are fairly cheap issues if you find them. Sienkiewicz is one of my favorites but even I have trouble paying the raw price for this book. It has no significance other than the pretty cover. In fact I can’t think of any elektra books that have much significance other than her early frank miller issues.

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      I love the Greg Horn series as well. Those are great covers. The “nude error” edition has my favorite cover of the series. I’m surprised those are so cheap. Are the stories terrible? I have not read them.

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        Haven’t read them either, whenever I find them in dollar bins its always worse than 9.2 grade or missing a bunch of issues. I was even going to get the TPBs, but those don’t collect all the issues, its something like 5 separate volumes and issues 7/8/9 are missing between scorpio key (1-6) and volume 1 (10-15).

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    Davidone, I’ve read the Bendis and Rucka issues from that series (#1-22). They’re fine, largely innocuous but not very memorable either.

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