Lee Bermejo Variant Covers

Lee Bermejo has been an active comic book artist since the late 90s. Bermejo’s style immediately made an impact on the industry which has led to his continued and increasing workload in 2016. His usage of dark colors and contrasting light make his images and poses very powerful and memorable (see: Adventures 515). Bermejo is currently working on the Han Solo series for Marvel and doing the alternate covers for the Suicide Squad series and has already put out some great covers for both of those titles. For more of his great work on standard covers do yourself a favor and check out the Secret Origins 2014 series #1-6 from DC which features iconic DC characters such as Supes, Harley, Cyborg, and Green Lantern. Also check out his cover runs on Daredevil (#88-93), Batman: Gotham Knights (#50-55), Hellblazer (#218,221-238,243-255), and X-Men Legacy (3220-224)

But enough about standard covers, you are here for the less plentiful covers that hopefully are still cheap (NOT looking at you Adventures #515). While Bermejo is putting out some of his best work lately, he doesn’t have an abundance of ratio variant covers to seek out. His Adventures Comics #515 as I mentioned already is by far his most popular and sought out cover but aside from GG’s face on that Emerald Warrior’s cover, his variants are all very solid with great artwork and I am seeking them all out. There are some with a less desirable title such as The Stand: Captain Trips but may prove to be harder to find if you are attempting to grab all of his work. The future holds some great things for Bermejo as he has only improved each year since he entered the industry and will surely be doing some ratio variants that will be sought out by collectors. Now is a great time to jump on some of these if you are a fan of his work though as I only see his fan base growing. Until next time folks, thanks for reading and keep digging!

Disclaimer because apparently some need one:

These are US distribution numbers from Diamond and comicchron.com and not set in stone print numbers but I have researched and been assured by those that work at both companies that the simple math of standard cover numbers divided by ratio is a safe estimation of the print number of a ratio variant cover. There are occasions where a variant cover is over printed (UF4) but it is not as likely as some think. I appreciate those that are active on the CGC boards as well, you guys were awesome in like 2012, before all of the vitriol and sadness but not everyone writes an article with the intention of selling books. I mean honestly guys, I don’t expect Bermejo variants nor the Garner variants before to set the collecting world aflame. Some of us actually write these because we enjoy doing so and want to share some of the info we have come across with everyone else. We appreciate feedback so do please let me know your thoughts, as long as they are constructive and informed. Peace be to all!

Adventure Comics #515 1:25
Aug 2010
1,386 copies

Batman: Europa #1 1:25
Jan 2016
3,228 copies

Big Man Plans #1 1:30
Mar 2015
545 copies
Daredevil #100 1:3
Oct 2007
15,654 copies
Dark Knight Returns: The Last Crusade 1:10
Aug 2016
12,230 copies
Dark Tower Long Road Home 1:50
Sep 2008
1,499 copies
First Wave #3 1:10
Jul 2010
2,592 copies
Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #1 1:25
Oct 2010
2,733 copies
Robin War #1 1:25
Feb 2016
1,802 copies
Robin War #2 1:25
Mar 2016
1,402 copies
Superman #703 1:10
Dec 2010
5,046 copies
Superman Unchained #1 1:25
Aug 2013
10,058 copies
The Stand Captain Trips #1 1:75
Dec 2008
1,101 copies
The Stand Captain Trips #2 1:75
Dec 2008
859 copies
The Stand Captain Trips #3 1:75
Jan 2009
734 copies
The Stand Captain Trips #4 1:75
Feb 2009
656 copies
The Stand Captain Trips #5 1:75
Mar 2009
622 copies

A few extras:

Captain America #45 Villain Variant Daredevil #114 Villain Variant
Fight Club #1


  • I think you missed his Captain america vol 7 #16 1:50 variant.

  • misfit138

    There’s just something about Bermejo, like Glenn Fabry for me, that I just am not a fan of. Maybe it’s the way he’s always colored that I don’t care for. I am shocked at how many variant covers he does.

  • Mugroantics

    The Big Man Plans #1 is very disturbing. Great piece overall. Thank you.

  • denby23

    Vster23, I did forget that cover indeed and it’s a great one. Thanks for the heads up I’ll request Inigo add it.

  • Gwenpool4President

    Bermejo is amaaaaaze. Love his style. He has a cool variant for Moonshine coming up! Are there print run numbers for his suicide squad B covers? Anywhere to find where they differentiate between the print runs for the A and B covers?

  • denby23

    The DC covers were meant to be 1:1 but I’ve heard in many different places that thus isn’t the case as cover B’s are being sent in less numbers

    • More often than not my LCS (UK based) doesn’t get ANY of the DC Rebirth cover Bs, so there could be some truth to this. However, they are a small outfit, they went five weeks with no delivery from Diamond back in the summer, so could just be the distributor treating them like crap…

      Great article, we all know about JSC, Dell’Otto etc, nice to hear about some other artists’ work!

  • Does anybody know the print run of that fight club 1 ?
    Some people asking 3.5$ and other 24$…

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