Camelot 3000, Captain Marvel, The Woods, Hard Boiled & more!!!

Camelot 3000 1-12

Legends of Tomorrow might not be the best DC show out there but recent episodes have actually been pretty good and with an upcoming one titled “ Camelot 3000 “ hardcore DC fans should be cautiously optimistic.

Daredevil Vol. 3 #15

I’m wondering why Avenging Spider-Man 9 gets all the Captain Marvel love. I guess it’s that stunning cover ( one again covers rule ). Daredevil 15 features a sneaky Captain Marvel appearance which was released at the same time as Avenging 9. It predates Captain Marvel 1 and Amazing 689 which both were released in September 2012 as proven by the ads which states that the printer is working hard to bring you new books. That means that Avenging 9 and this book came out the same week. So shouldn’t the market consider this her first appearance?

NOTE: The Spidey Summer Sampler and Avenging 8 ( ad for new Captain Marvel ) predate both books above

The Woods 1

Syfy is adapting yet another comic, this time it’s a modern book that makes a little more sense than some other choices. The Cards and Comics Variant is still available at a reasonable price ( print run unknown ).
As far as rarity goes the Virgin book is probably the winner. Personally I like the Stokley Convention variant cover.

Here are the others:

Cover A Regular Ramon Perez Cover Cover B Regular Matthew Woodson Cover
Cover C Variant Joe Eisma Cover Cover D Incentive Paul Duffield Virgin Variant Cover
Cover E 2nd Printing Michael Dyalinas Variant Cover Cover F C2E2 Exclusive Tyler Jenkins Variant Cover
Cover G SDCC Exclusive Jeff Stokely Variant Cover

Star Spangled Comics 100

First appearance of Ace the Bat-Hound

Tom King reintroduced an old character, Ace the Bat-Hound in the Batman Annual 1 from this year. The origin has been reworked so that the dog is the Joker’s?! Now Batman has him and has charged Alfred with his training. Warning bells should be going off in Bruce’s mind but whatever. If you collect animal firsts this one is for you.

Defenders 66

Considering that both the Hulk and Valkyrie are set to enter Asgard in Thor: Ragnarok, this book seems like a good pic. The comic also pits Valkyrie against Hela.

Amazing Spider-Man 149

First Spider-Clone ( Ben Reilly )

Love Slott or hate him he’s not afraid to take Pete in all sorts of directions. Fans will remember the collecting frenzy this book created when the now infamous clone saga began. Unfortunately that epic failure helped bring the industry to its knees. I suggest you go back and read it though, it’s not as bad as one might think and it gave spidey some characters who have remained popular to this day.

NOTE: The clone reappeared in various issues leading up to WOS 117. Issue 114 is Ben’s earliest where he is shown in shadow and his hand sports a clue to his identity, a gold class ring. Issue 119 is also a key book as it is the first appearance of Ben as the Scarlet Spider!

More Hard Boiled…

Hard Boiled books won’t do much until a trailer hits ( if one ever does ) but finding rare keys and other treats make for a good hunt now.

Dark Horse Insider Vol. 1 issue 1

First appearance of Hard Boiled

The first feature from Dark Horse’s inaugural preview publication’s is about Hard Boiled and features announcements about Miller and Darrow’s upcoming Dark Horse projects. It also happens to be the first appearance of Predator and features some oddly colored interior art for issue 1.

Other notable insiders…

Dark Horse Futures

This comic could easily be considered the first comic appearance, it is definitely the first cover.

Dark Horse Fifth Anniversary Special

The comic’s antagonist, Nixon also appears outside of Hard Boiled in the Dark Horse 5th Anniversary Special which, collectors probably already know, is the first appearance of Sin City.

Aliens Magazine 1

Martha Washington's War Diary was reprinted as a mini-comic in Aliens Magazine UK 1 making it a pretty rare Nixon appearance in its own right.

Daredevil and the Punisher: Child’s Play

First cover and pro art for Geoff Darrow

Once and awhile I will be featuring the first pro work of popular creators. Considering the Hard Boiled stuff I think Darrow’s first cover/art is appropriate. ( He did do inks prior to this )


  • Cruzzer2

    Ahhh, Captain Marvel, a subject I most love to talk about. Well the Spidey Sampler predated Avenging Spiderman 9, this was the 1st comic My 12 year old niece asked me to buy her, AS9. She now has 5 copies of them. CM #1 came out a month after AS9, but the story in CM1 predates it. I was talking to Dodson and Deconnick this past year about AS9 as I had them sign a stack of 9 copies of it (5 which that were my nieces books) and said yes, AS9 was the 1st suit up of Carol as CM even though the Spidey Sampler came out before.

    • Topher

      Great story but the narrative really doesn’t matter, only which book was released first. If you want the first appearance in a story the AS9 is probably your book. Story wise I assume DD9 came after AS9 because of the Bugle headline but I am pretty sure DD 15 came out the same week as AS9. AS9 will always be the market winner but that is in large part due to her appearance on the cover. As for the authors it doesn’t really matter what they say. Once upon a time Dan Slott took to twitter confirm that DD 21 was the first appearance of the Superior-Spider-Man but I remember many collectors putting the value elsewhere. This is why release date is so important. It makes things much simpler. AS9, DD 15, AS8 ( OK maybe not this one! ) and Captain Marvel 1 are all key modern books concerning the character. Your niece is lucky to have those signed books though!

      • Cruzzer2

        Well yeah they may have come out the same week, but Captain Marvel Carol on the Cover beats you flipping through DD15. 🙂

        I know the same situation happened with RiRi and Bendis having to tweet that said it was IIM #7 !


    • Avatar

      Also would like to point out that in Secret Avengers vol 1 issue 28 Carol as Ms Marvel decides that she is going to take the mantle of Captain Marvel. Some significance to the Cap Marvel collector/completist out there.

  • Avatar

    The Woods Duffield variant is the rarest of the lot….too late for me to get that. I only read the first trade and I thought it was a decent concept. let’s just hope SyFy makes a decent show.

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