Connecting Covers: Predator, Sonic, … wait, what???

Not enough Hip Hop covers to create a complete article so I’ll continue with the connecting covers.

Fall of the Hulks: The Savage She-Hulks 1-3

J Scott Campbell up to his old connecting cover tricks again!

Fantastic Four 642-645

Not sure how these connect. The first two look to be connected right but the last two are confusing. Another fun aspect to connecting covers…putting them together like a puzzle!

Sonic the Hedgehog 284-287

Valroger1 mentioned a Sonic/Megaman connecting cover set in the comments of my last article. While looking for that one I came across this one.

East of West 16 Various Territory Covers

I’m assuming the different covers correspond to the different territories present in the East of West universe. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Sweet Tooth 36-39

I remember reading this book when it first came out but for the life of me can’t remember what it’s about. I guess you can’t go wrong with a boy with antlers…or can you?

Predator: Cold War 1-4

One of the first full series I ever bought at my local comic shop. I remember at the time how hot the Aliens vs Predator series was. I enjoyed reading that series so much I bought up pretty much anything to do with Predator and Aliens in the coming years.

Have a great weekend everyone! Keith…please please please take a dive in our fantasy football matchup this week so I can make the playoffs!


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