Venom #17 – Skottie Young – September 2004

Welcome back to Covers from the Unknown for another fun-filled week! This week, I take two of the hottest heroes out there, and find a cover with them both on it! Here is a Spidey-Venom cover you might not know about! I present to you Venom #17, from September 2004! Plain and simple, Spidey at the mercy of Venom! Would you like to know something else interesting about this cover? The artist is Skottie Young! IMHO, you can't go wrong with this one! Spider-Man, Venom and Skottie??? It's a win-win-win!

There are a decent amount of these comics out there right now, at least on the web. Average prices are around $8-$10. With a print run of about 23,000 the supply might meet the demand. MIGHT. Stranger things have happened, so you might want to grab 1 or 2, just to be safe. I have not seen these in the wild, doesn't mean they aren't there….but I have had no luck. Good luck and Happy Hunting Fellas!

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