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Doctor Aphra #1 Kamome Shirahama 1:Store B&W Variant

Marvel has been slow cooking the Star Wars comics, so if they are putting out a Doctor Aphra series it means that the character is here to stay. The real question is whether she will trascend to the movies at some point or not.

Nova #1 Francesco Mattina 1:50 Variant

New Nova series with the return of Richard Rider, who is not the most beloved and missed character in comics, but probably someone's favorite. Cool cover, nice ratio, probably a winner.

Atoll #1

Tim Daniel's new project that was originally supposed to come out through Heavy Metal, but seems to be coming out from indie publisher Creative Mind Energy.

Motor Crush #1

Fletcher and Tarr jumped to instant notoriety after their Batgirl run, so their next project is going to be followed with a lot of interest. Looks great!

Injustice: Ground Zero #1

A series adapting the first Injustice game from Harley Quinn's POV. For Harley Quinn completists, but print run will be tiny, so you never know …

Superman #12

I really like this series, which comes like a massive surprise to me. I have never been able to get into Superman longer than a few months (except Joe Kelly's run, but I ended up losing interest too), but Tomasi is making me come back evey couple of weeks. Frankenstein with Superman's shield? Yes, please!

Walking Dead #161 Variant by Arthur Adams

Arthur Adams' connecting cover art still here (this is the one before last), enjoy it while you have it!

Slapstick #1

I would normally avoid this or mention the Liefeld variants (but they're just too horrible), but with Van Lente's involvement and the fun cartoon vs real world art, this could be interesting.

Awesome Covers of the Week

Justice League #10 Variant by Yannick Paquette Clone Conspiracy #3 by Gabriele Dell'Otto

Variant Themes of December

Marvel's ICX / XCI Variants

The X-Men swiping Inhumans covers, Inhumans doing X-Men covers … Have homage covers officially jumped the shark? The one above by Jorge Molina might have a chance …

Valiant's Cat Cosplay Variants

Speaking of madness, time only will tell if this is a genius idea or not, but expect a Deadpool parody in 3 … 2 … 1 …

Swipe of the Week

In a month where most of Marvel's titles sport a swipe cover (for all goldfish out there, see ICX/XCI variant themes above), one has two (three if you count the hip-hop variant). Fun little tribute, which gets extra points for doing the whole cover layout. Come on, even Bizarro loved it …

TPB of the Week

Flash by Mark Waid vol.1

Mark Waid on the Flash is one of my favorite runs of anything ever. While the rest of the industry was going crazy with guns and semi-naked women, this was one of the few places where you could find classic superheroing with a modern twist. This run redefined the legacy of the Flash and made Wally West one of the best characters in comics. It will be fun to read and re-read these stories in TPB format. If you have never read this, you cannot miss it.

That's it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!

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