lasttoknowGabriele Dell’otto is no stranger to the character Wolverine. From mini-series to one shots, to regular series to specials, the artist’s work has adorned dozens of covers. Most of his Logan covers are not difficult to find; this includes Wolverine: Origins #50, the last issue to the series, published July 2010.


When is a last issue, not really a last issue? The book, which concluded the “Reckoning” storyline, transitioned to a new Wolverine series in September.

Completed sales on eBay over the past two months show 15 copies below $10, most in the $3-6 range. The low price of the book can be attributed to the print run. Comichron places Issue #50 at 44 in April 2010 with sales of 36,401 copies. While not as high as the 150,284 copies the series’ first issue sold, the book is hardly rare.

Furthermore, sales of the title lagged behind other Wolverine-related books that Marvel published that month, including: X-Force: Sex and Violence #1 at 35 (41,426 copies), Dark Wolverine #88 at 33 (42,522 copies), X-Force #28 at 17 (61,680 copies), Uncanny X-Men #526 at 13 (66,723 copies) and a new X-Men #1 at #1 (140,332 copies). Only Wolverine Weapon X #15 at 66 (29,555 copies) sold lower than this issue.

While not highly sought after, with only 37 copies graded by CGC and no recent sales or listings for graded copies, perhaps an opportunity exists to increase the investment potential of the issue if you purchase and slab a high-grade copy. If you collect Dell’otto, this book is a cheap grab and would certainly fit in well with your collection, but it falls short as an investment next other examples of his work such as the second print covers of the X-Force: Sex and Violence miniseries.


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