Classic Cover of the Week 12/5/2016


New Week, New Covers!!



FANTASTIC WWII COVER FROM A QUIET RUN.  Jack Binder Cover as well as a 9 page story that includes the first appearance of The Laughing Head.  IMPOSSIBLE to find this part of the run, from the early teens through the early 30s.  I only know this because I found a beater copy of this a few years back and since then have watched the market for any copies in this area of the run.

4 on the census, a 9.6 (Church copy?) a pair of 5.0s and a 3.0.

SHELF DATE of December 1942



Supposedly the first appearance of the Wolf Man in comics.  Public domain Wolf Man at least.  No idea what the hell the difference between that and all the werewolves that were in the EC runs and others, but its a tough to find Atlas, so I grabbed the lone copy I found online.

There are 2 8.0s on the CGC census…  Really?

SHELF DATE of April 1954

As always, thanks for looking, folks!


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