1 Thunderbolts (Vol. 3) #7 Marco Chechetto 1:25 Variant

1 WRITER: Jim Zub
ARTIST: Sean Izaakse
Low ordered title, incentive variant and awesome cover art almost always equals a winner.  This book has shot out of the gate selling for as high as $100.  Guess I need to ‘dump' mine–oh wait, I don't own a copy :).

2 Inferno #1 Adi Granov 1:25 Variant

1 WRITER: Dennis Hopeless
ARTIST: Javi Garron
I was expecting that more of these would pop up with the recent high sales, but that has not happened.  Instead, a sale over $80 and still only a couple listed for sale.

3 Venom (Vol. 3) #1 Gabriele Dell'Otto Virgin Variant /500

WRITER: Mike Costa
ARTIST: Gerardo Sandoval
A slip from the top spot, but the demand is still there.  Once copies are pulled from their polybags and high grade examples are available, expect upward movement on those.


4 Star Wars (Vol. 2) #1 John Tyler Christopher C2E2 B/W Variant

WRITER: Jason Aaron
ARTIST: John Cassaday
As Keith mentioned in his Variant Heat Check column (which is an awesome column BTW), this is a HUGE book now.  At auction, one sold last night for $450.


5 Seven To Eternity #1

WRITER: Rick Remender
ARTIST: Jerome Opena
Sales are now $35-40.  I've noticed that a lot of people are bundling the B,C and D covers so they can move them with this cover A.  Might this come back to haunt them in the future?  Time will tell, but this book continues to amaze me.


6 Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 4) #18 J. Scott Campbell La Mole Variant

WRITER: Dan Slott
ARTIST: R.B. Silva
This book is clearly doing well because of Trey's favorite writer.  Well, the cover artist too, maybe.  A couple auctions have ended in the past week for $300+.


7 Incredible Hulk #181

WRITER: Len Wein
ARTIST: Herb Trimpe
Sales in virtually all grades over the past few months are increasing by 10%, and Wolverine isn't even around right now.  Even though there are tons of copies of this book, every collection needs it.  With or without the MVS, this is about as liquid as a book can get.  See OG collectors, we still love you!


8 Captain Marvel (Vol. 9) #1 Adam Hughes 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Tara Butters
ARTIST: Kris Anka
Book has rebounded and is now selling between $75-80.  I was not aware that this art was a piece he did for a charity auction that Marvel then purchased to use (per Hughes' IG account).


9 Edge of Spider-Verse #2

WRITER: Jason Latour
ARTIST: Robbi Rodriguez
Another book on the rebound.  A couple of months ago, 9.8 copies could be had for $125-140.  They have moved back up close to $200.


10 Journey Into Mystery 9 (Vol. 3) #647 Philip Tan 1:50 Variant

WRITER: Kathryn Immonen
ARTIST: Valerio Schiti
For those that were able to purchase this a while back for cheap and can now get $150+ for them, good for you and you are welcome (great call SJ).


Carnage (Vol. 2) #3 Yasmine Putri 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Gerry Conway
ARTIST: Mike Perkins

Still a great book with another sale this week for $70.


Hal Spacejock

WRITER: Simon Haynes
ARTIST: Unknown

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  • Avatar

    So Savage #1 1:50 LaRosa B&W variant doesn’t even get a mention? I guess the eBay auction of over $850 for a raw copy isn’t worth noting…

  • vanix

    That Inferno #1 grows on me more every time i see it. Want. Great list and love the variety.

  • Zack Gauthier

    Great Job Ben, I appreciate this weekly update, ignore the trolls.

    • Avatar

      I’m not being a troll I asked a question, you guys want more people to comment once someone does they are instantly a troll. Cute.

      • Ben Steiniger

        I appreciate the comments. No mentions about ongoing auctions as Khoi mentioned above.

        • Avatar

          been trying to look for completed auctions for the venom #1 virgin, so I can gauge how much I wanna spend to get one. couldn’t find one on the bay…… are there other outlets that these have sold besides the pre-sale?

          • Ben Steiniger

            Some are private sales for sure. Most are being sold as a set so far from what I’ve seen.

      • Avatar

        Again I never said that Savage should have been on the list, I simply said that what’s currently happening with this book is at least worth mentioning. I love the list BTW I enjoy reading them everyweek

        • Avatar

          Go easy gentlemen. Glad to see someone else on the site is hip to Valiant, but as noted, this list is for completed auctions. However, it’s kind of irresponsible to label it a shilled auction unless there’s evidence.

          PS, I’m kicking myself for not getting my boy’s variant this week. Winter Soldier strikes again.

  • Avatar

    Great list , but *ahem* this article has indeed included unfinished auctions before in its Top 10 (2009, Black Panther 1 JSC partial sketch), and has also put obviously shilled single sale auctions as well (2014 Ms. Marvel 2 Molina) on here. They’ve also used unverifiable “private sales” among members as a basis for inclusion on this list (2009 Superman/Batman 7 French Dell’otto).

    Those were all inappropriately included on the list at the time, IMO, and I pointed them all out at the time. Obviously the authors are free to put on the list whatever they like, but if they aren’t doing the above anymore, then that will only give the list that much more unbiased credibility, and that is indeed a good thing.

    • Ben Steiniger

      61 Top 10 lists to date and there was a single instance where an ongoing auction was mentioned, but I believe the book that week was on the list as it had already been included on a previous list so…..

      I have still not seen any evidence that the Molina was shilled, any more than I can confirm if the Savage #1 is being shilled.

      As far as private sales are concerned, yes, those happen all the time and can certainly be included in our evaluations and it does not hurt the integrity of the list. How were sales confirmed prior to the internet, private sales.

      We try and keep the lists fun and try and welcome discussion and thank even the people that hate our lists and articles for taking the time to read.

      • Avatar

        When the author of the article is using his own “private sales” as a basis for putting a book on this list, I’m sorry, but that just isn’t kosher, no matter how you slice or dice it.

        Also, that Molina book, had all of the hallmarks of being shilled (most notably, the “100%” bidder whose bids ran the book all the way up, 0 feedback seller, no feedback left either way on that sale to this day, and not one sale approaching that high since that sale). So yes, it’s a bogus data point.

        As for putting an ongoing auction on the list… like I said, I’m glad that’s not something that has been routinely done.

        I think this site takes some unwarranted heat and has a lot of bogus accusations thrown around about it. I like this site. If nothing else, please take my input as nothing more than an attempt at helping it to maintain its distinction as the best comic book speculating site that’s around.

        • Avatar

          Along with what JDR said and the shilling topic, all of the bidders in the Savage auction have over 100 feedback. Two have over 1,000 feedback. Four bidders have bid at or above $400. You don’t usually see those attributes in a shill auction. This all goes back to Trey’s response to Shadowsip’s comment. I understand if you don’t care for a publisher or a comic or character, but end of the day this site is a business and it’s too bad that Trey chose to represent it with hostility and ignorance. You guys know I’m the biggest Valiant fan on here, and as much as I love this site, I don’t need to see those comics mentioned here to validate my love for them or what a great investment they are. Sounds like Shadowisp is a fan as well, and probably just wanted to see Valiant in the mix.

          • Avatar

            The original comment could have been worded with a bit more class.

          • Trey

            Explain why 7 of the bidders have 100% previous history on this auction? Sorry to shit in your Wheaties but I call them as I see em. It’s funny this book was posted about conveniently on multiple forums with two hours of this auction going live.

            If I’m wrong I’ll admit it

            It’s a 1:50 ratio variant and Valiant was exposed for their diamond retailer bs last week. Anyone with a diamond account could order these without purchasing 50 copies.

            This book was $90 until this copy was listed and now it’s a G? Nope…… Nice try. It’s a poorly coordinated shill to create false excitement for a mediocre company with 8th worst market share in the industry.

            And JDR aka David P. This is my list and I could put any ten books on here I like, same as Ben S. I can put sales of anything I deem worthy on here. Nowhere did I say this was strictly eBay. eBay is about 19% of all comic sales in total. Quit bitching and enjoy the list or don’t. Your little game is getting old with me. If someone buys a book from anyone on here I trust why wouldn’t those sales count or at a local LCS ? Those sales actually don’t have fees involved and show the actual percentage and value of the book to the sellers.

  • David Brach

    Great list! I have quite a few of these. As far as savage is concerned, who gives a damn about valiant? I’m kidding, I’m kidding!:-)

  • Avatar

    Didn’t someone comment that those valiant variants are actually not ratio variants. This is because valiant has been known to include those in some shipments to stores they favor?

  • Avatar

    Why the Spider-Gwen rebound?

    • Avatar

      Because the Spidergwen series is so good to read!
      JUST KIDDING!! its awfal =(
      Maybe the animated series appearance is doing it.

  • Ben C

    FANTASTIC. I am not a huge Variant fan, but there a couple on that list that remind me why variants soar up in price. Great job man, great job!!

  • bryan.mcclay

    Amazing job with the top 10 again. Thankyou so much for getting them out there. Keep it up !!!!

  • Avatar

    Glad to see some non-variants in here….keeps the faith with collecting. Not everyone has the variant hook-up. Nice to think you can still walk into a store and buy a comic with one cover, and have it gain value. I remember doing that with New Mutants 98. Bought two many years ago. Got’em slabbed, sold on Fee-bay and bought….wait for it…more comics!!!!

  • Keith S.

    ok, I’m probably the biggest valiant fan that writes on this website and even I don’t get the bidding for Savage #1. I think once the “winner” is determined, they are going to instantly regret that purchase. sure its a cool book that was a low print run with a brand new character, but I really doubt its grand worthy. But I will say this; Valiant fans like to buy these types of books and lock them away, never to see the light of day.

    • Avatar

      I agree about its worth. The winner will be someone with money to burn that doesn’t want to hassle with the hunt and just wants to secure a copy. For them personally, they’ve overshot any investment potential. The other side is that because Valiant has such small print runs their 1:50 books are almost all sub 1000 copies and most sub 500. Add to that the potential of a new character in a universe that will only continue to grow. If you are patient and hunt there’s tons of investment potential. I found 2 copies of this from an online shop in the UK. Paid $135 for the pair. At $67 each my investment margin is massive already. I think the book will settle right under or around the Divinity 1:40, so $350 range.

  • Wearealwaysbuying

    Soooo I placed an order for the Thunderbolts #7 Variant approx. 2 minutes after it was posted the Wed. prior to the release Wed. from Midtowncomics online. Order went through and processed…flash forward a week later to the Wed it released (last Wed.) and I get a call and message on my cell phone from Midtown saying that they don’t have the issue and wanted to cancel my order. So I looked it up on ebay saw it was selling for $100 (now closer to $200) and called them back and said oohh I guess now you want to cancel it that it is a $100 book that you pre sold me for 12 bucks and basically want to rescind. Wish you could have told me a week ago so I could have bought the $20 copies on ebay, and not waited to the release day to see if it popped in price. My anger with them is through the roof. Can someone tell me if they had the issue in store that day? And did not honor their web sales from 7 days prior because they wanted to jack up the price in store?

    And good on Mel for recognizing this one but I did not buy because of his recc. I scoped this one myself, then heard about his recc..:)

    • Avatar

      Marvel previews always has the info on certain variant covers sometimes with pictures. However, I’m not sure if a lot or stores were buying the minimum 25 copies for a book that probably wasn’t moving units that much.

  • Avatar

    @Trey- The tone of your tirade aside, let’s just say that it is that very kind of attitude and “logic” that have so many questioning the credibility of this site on so many different forums.

    • Avatar

      @JDR – Why are you even on this site if you are questioning their credibility? If you don’t like what these guys post on THEIR website for FREE then find your information elsewhere. Otherwise, stop complaining.

      • Avatar

        Don’t post anything unless I’m in 100%, lockstep agreement with everything that is written on here… Got it.

  • gooniecomics

    I get that you’re trying to protect the integrity of this list by not putting books advertised on this site on the Hot 10 anymore, but shouldn’t we all get the opportunity to know that the books we bought because of this site are doing well? If a book is hot, then it’s hot. Who cares where it came from?
    It seems like the trolls are winning when you make a decision like that guys

    • Avatar

      I agree with gooniecomics the more popular/successful/influential you become the bigger target you become to detractors. Who cares what other groups think when we know it is above board. Even if the Venom were not featured it would still be doing gangbusters. The site is just reporting its success. Does this mean that 1,2,3 years down the road after the flippers have made their money and the supply has dried up and a 9.8 Virgin Venom #1 comes to market and goes high does it goes unrecognized because it once was advertised on a banner here?

  • Avatar

    In JDR’s defense and getting back to the real issue here, I remember the first time I saw comments by JDR and it was his tact and attitude with which he presented his points that was being called into question. Everyone was calling him out for being negative, and a lot of people jumped on that bandwagon. Similarly with Trey’s initial response to the first comment on this post by Shadowsip, we saw an uncalled for attitude and hostility, and this time it was directed toward an individual as well as a specific publisher. It’s one thing when we all beat up on Black Mask for their constant fails, but it’s different when someone on here expresses interest in something and is then made to feel bad for showing that interest. It’s not cool to try to make someone feel bad for something they like. That’s flat out bullying, which is something I’ve never seen JDR do, but that is exactly what some of you are doing to him and what Trey did earlier.

  • Trey

    Jason P aka JDR was banned by multiple moderators in the G+ group for his constant trolling. This game he’s playing isn’t new and its getting old.

    • Trey

      I’m in California all the time. Come say hi and test your theory out. You won’t though, because people like you are by nature scared. It’s why you won’t use your real name.

  • Avatar

    Either way, turns out Savage is the real deal. No shilling. I even sold one myself for over $600. A third auction is up and over $300 in just a few hours.

    • Trey

      Sadly, when the winner has history with the seller and the other 7 bidders do as well, that’s not accurate. The other auctions are legit because of the shill on the first.

      • Avatar

        You make inflammatory statements in a highly combative manner and then call someone a “troll” when they disagree with you.

        Is this a board for discussions or for you airing your grievances and publicly outing perceived “enemies”?

        By the way, who’s “Jason”?

  • Avatar

    It’s Trey’s list if he wants to put my little pony on it then that’s what we get.

  • Iñigo

    Closing the comment section because boring … Let’s keep it constructive, guys!