Some more awesome connecting covers!

I took a little holiday from articles over the Thanksgiving break. I’m finally out of my turkey and stuffing coma to bring you more cool connecting covers! I know I know you all missed me …


Justice League of America 233-236

So far this is probably the oldest grouping of comics to make up a bigger image I have seen. Could there be anything older??


Justice League 2-8

The newest Justice League series not only has a million different store variants like every other new title being released these days but some connecting covers!


Amazing Spider-Man 655-659 Second Print Variants

Another set of second print variants that connect. These aren’t that easy to come by cheap.


All-New Captain America Special 1/Inhuman Special 1/Amazing Spider-Man Special 1 Kubert variants

Thanks to Demon Jim below are a few more connecting covers I had no idea existed. This is what makes this community so great … It’s amazing what you can learn from other passionate collectors … Thanks for all the suggestions Demon Jim!


Darth Vader 13-15/Star Wars 13-14/Darth Vader:Vader Down 1 Clay Mann variants

Another Demon Jim suggestion. I knew about some of these but not all of them…very cool


Superior Iron Man 1/All-New Captain America 1 Hastings Exclusives

Demon Jim at it again! This time with not only a connecting cover but a couple of cover swipes too! Thanks again for all your help Demon Jim!

I’ll be back with more connecting covers next week, unless I can find enough Hip Hop variants to do another swipe article about those. I still have to look up a connecting cover set that the Infamous Mel Vaughan suggested to me when I met him in person at the Midtown Warehouse Sale. It was like meeting one of the Beatles! Have a great weekend guys!

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    • Demon Jim

      This one is so cool to me. As much I really want to collect this set I’m trying not to get any of these because it’s just going to spark the I need them all craze. 50 issues is a lot of money. I might get Texas though as that is my home state.

  • Demon Jim

    Thanks for the shout out glad I could help. I noticed that there are a lot of Star Wars connecting covers out there. Ever since I was a kid I always thought connecting covers were so cool so it’s awesome to me to see someone showing some love to them.

  • Avatar

    Spider-Man 2099 #16
    Ravage 2099 #15
    X-Men 2099 #5
    Doom 2099 #14
    The Punisher 2099 #13

    Form a panel.

  • Skot Whitman

    There’s three different Red She-Hulk related connecting covers you might want to check out for a future or follow up . Fall of the Hulks: The Savage She-Hulks #1-3 by JSC. Hulk 20 and 21 each connect to a different incredible Hulk book from the Fall of the Hulks crossover. Don’t remember which ones.

  • Khoi Cakes

    I like Clay Mann’s art but I can’t help but think of SpaceBalls when I see Luke’s lightsaber lol.

  • Avatar

    Dooms IV (from Liefeld’s Image Company) had one and Whilce Portacio did 8 variant covers for Wildstorm for each of their titles (Deathblow 5, Union 0, Wildcats 11, Kindred 3, Gen13 5, Team 7 1, Stormwatch 10, Wetworks 2)

    There’s also a ton of 2 issues connectors: the Jae Lee Spider-Man 2099 Venom variants, the Lenil Yu UXM 377 and X-Men 97 1:4 variants, the JIM & Thor Stephanie Hans variants.

    Lastly, Archie Comics did a 12 variant comic connecting panel for their Sonic/Megaman cross over, Worlds Unite

  • Avatar

    Theres a great J Scott Campbell set of 4 in the Spider-Women crossover series that took place in the past year.

    My local shop got each for me at normal comic prices when they came out, not too sure how high the run was.

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