Mighty Avengers #8 – Mark Bagley – February 2008

Mighty Avengers #8Hi all, and Welcome Back to a Brand New Covers from the Unknown! Sorry about the week hiatus, but I promise we are back on a weekly schedule once again! This week I give you one of my favorite artists, with one of my favorite characters! I give to you the Mighty Avengers #8, with an awesome Carnage symbiote cover, by Mark Bagley! The basis of the comic is very simple…..the New Avengers are taken over by the alien symbiote, and battle the Mighty Avengers! IMO, anytime you can get a cover by Bagley, with Iron Man and Carnage, its a win – win.

You will not see a shortage of these comics anywhere. The print run was over 80k. Right now, they are very cheap. All are under $5. With a run like that, I cant see these ever being more than a $10 comic. I would grab one for the PC if you are a Carnage or Bagley fan….otherwise don't grab one expecting to pay the mortgage with it!

Happy Hunting Fellas!

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