The Unpressable Defects 30

In this issue … Everybody's back! So they will obviously talk about how do they make perfume, one of them admits not knowing what Dragon Ballz is, give a bunch of shoutouts (thanks from the 1Ñ1G0BOTX51!), talk football (I guess) and eventually talk comics!!!

Language warning! Contains strong language …


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  • dpiercy

    Shout out to the Dell’Otto Bros!

  • Avatar

    Good podcast! They Live is a classic B-movie! Love the pick 2 variants at the end from everyone!

  • Avatar

    Awesome show as always. I just want to point out that Kamala Khan is not middle eastern. She’s from Pakistan, which makes her Asian.

  • Avatar

    Guys, Great Podcast. I just completed my 2nd listen through this morning on my drive to work. Really appreciate Khoi mentioning the DC Injustice Books. I picked up the new Harley issue today that came out to read and if it is good I am going to grab the trades and give it a shot.
    Also wanted to say I tried listening to another comic book podcast and man are you guys so far more enjoyable to listen to and cover more interesting topics. Thanks for doing this weekly guys.

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