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untitledAs we enter December, we all thought it was time to take a look back at the year we are about to leave behind and reflect on the comics of 2016. It's been an awesome year with a lot of good stuff, so we decided to let you choose the nominees. That's right, for the next few days (until Thursday Dec 8th) you can all use the form below to send in your favorites and the ones with the most votes will be part of the final poll where the best of the year will be decided!!! Unless they are all Valiant comics, then we will find some other way to do this! (cheap shot, I know)

As always, thanks for your support and participation during the last 11 months!

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    Come on man! I know it was in jest and that you’re the least of the Valiant haters on this site, but I’ll never understand why it takes something you can make money off of to get people to give them a fair and equal chance. My submissions for Best of 2016 were all over the place including Marvel, DC, Valiant, Albatross, and Image. I can’t imaging being a comic book fan and not embracing a little diversity from all publishers. But that’s just me.

    • Iñigo

      Hey AC! I was making a reference to the Harvey Awards affair this year but I don’t think people necessarily hate Valiant, they just don’t care about Valiant that much.

      I think trying to get people hooked on a new superhero universe is a tough sell. Even if it’s not so new, but even as a kid in the 90s I think I only got a few Valiants: a few Ninjaks because of the Quesada art, Giffen’s run-enders because of Giffen, Ennis’ Shadowman, Priest’s Quantum & Woody, … After that I went back and got all of Barry Windsor-Smith’s stuff too, but I just didn’t feel like reading anything else.

      I am not a completist and buy more around writers and artists I like, and even though Valiant has some really great talent, they don’t have anyone on my MUST BUY list and even when they get someone that’s almost on that list (Van Lente), the fact that it’s a shared universe and you have crossovers every year makes it look like homework instead of just reading a comic.

      In any case, that’s my view on Valiant right now, the day they sign Opeña, Pearson, Arthur Adams, Shaky Kane, Brett Parson, Keith Giffen, Brendan McCarthy, Walt Simonson, … I’ll be all over them 😉

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    Man, those Harvey’s. Should have had Ricky Gervais hand them out. I totally understand the ‘Shared Universe Fear’. However, I challenge you to check out Britannia and Savage. Both are 4 issue mini’s not tied to the shared universe. Britannia is horror by Marc Guggenheim and Juan Jose Ryp, and Savage is B Clay Moore with Lewis Larosa and Clayton Henry. But even if you pick up one of their more main series’ you can read them as is without doing any homework. Valiant knows this fear that you and many share, and that’s why they do all of their series in short volumes. The longest was XO at 50 issues, but that’s the only one that’s gone past 25. Most stick to 12 issues, self contained. They like to let the writer tell the story they want, with ZERO interference. I’ve never seen a publisher do that and stick to it. It’s pretty refreshing once you give them a fair shot. Please let me know if I can suggest anything.

    • Iñigo

      Again, that’s why I think people are not responding to Valiant, it’s not my personal case. I followed your recommendation and got the Timewalker HC because of Van Lente. I started reading it and it was kinda fun, but can’t say it set my world on fire. I will go back and finish it eventually, but it’s not something that I NEED to finish, if you see what I mean.

      I read Punk Mambo because of Milligan, who (you made me check!) is the actual writer of Britannia, so I thought about giving that series a go, but Ryp’s art is not my cup of tea at all. Savage might be good, but there’s nothing that immediately caught my interest in the preview, and there are too many comics out there to keep track and enjoy.

      This week I bought a bunch of regular issues and four (!!!) TPBs/HCs (She-Hulk by Byrne, Weird Heroes, Vision vol.2 and the new Mickey Mouse by Loisel that came out this week in France and is an absolute beauty) and I think I put myself out there enough for you all to know that I don’t have much in the way of prejudices when it comes to comics (or anything else hopefully). Another thing I don’t have a lot of is time unfortunately. I know I am probably missing out on a lot of good stuff, but right now, to this fan (talking purely as a life-long comic reader) Valiant doesn’t look unmissable. Could it be an after-taste of the 90s Valiant? Maybe! One thing I will say right now is that the Valiant comics coming out look about 300 times more interesting than the ones 20+ years ago.

      Anyway, I will bite, I twitted Dinesh and asked him for an interview … Can you (if you have access to him) let him know so it doesn’t get lost between all his tweets?

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    PS, not sure if you’re on Twitter, but Valiant’s owner, Dinesh Shamdasani is a really cool dude. If you told him you were new and threw out those suggestions not only would he love to hear them but he’d probably send you some free starter stuff. He’s a good guy to know. Remember this 3 years from now.

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    Absolutely. I’ll do it now. Shoot me an email with your Twitter handle so I can have him look for it.

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    Last question was the best! Practice safe specs in 2016 bruh

  • David Brach

    I sent you my list!

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