An Introduction


Welcome all, to CBSI’s new column on original comic art (OA) collecting! I'm Dick, comic collector of over 25 years and OA aficionado since 2011. My art collection is centred around Marvel Cosmic, with an unhealthy slant towards Thanos pages. I also pick up memorable (to me) pieces from the '90s, mainly featuring Juggernaut or Venom.


My comic book odyssey began with the escapades of Peter Parker, and continued through following that bunch of dirty muties. My penchant for Marvel Cosmic only blossomed later in life, as the staggering conceptual creativity and bombastic imagery of Marvel’s Cosmic canon gradually seized my imagination. When it came time to jump into the OA pool, I focused on Thanos (the pinnacle of savage intellect and cosmic might) and Juggernaut (the epitome of massive physicality and visual intimidation). My collecting sphere steadily expanded to include the entirety of Marvel Cosmic, as well as Venom (the exemplar of physical absurdity).


For those interested, here’s my collection of black & white doodles:

Why should I care about OA?

Comic art in its original form (generally ink over pencil on 11”x17” art board) allows one to admire the artistry of comic book production in close detail. My appreciation of penciling, inking, lettering and colouring, acquired from poring over countless original art pages, would never have developed just from reading comic books. This in turn has resulted in an increased affinity for artists and styles that I’d previously paid little attention to.


There’s another facet of OA collecting which will be of particular interest to regulars of this site – investment potential! Similar to segments of the comic book market, OA values have increased exponentially since the advent of the interwebs. Prices in many segments of the OA market have undergone continual growth for over a decade, with other segments exploding then settling at that higher price point.


Of course, the OA market has its share of perils and intrigue to go with its immense allure, all of which I look forward to exploring with you.

What can we expect from this column?

Here’s a taste of what will be invading your screens soon:

  • Highlights of OA transactions
  • Market reports
  • Spotlights on artists and characters

I'll cover OA across publishers and eras, with a partiality towards published art from the late-'80s to present day. Feel free to send me your questions, or suggestions on what topics to cover! The comments section and my mailbox also await your adoring accolades.

Until next time, happy collecting!


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