Subject #21 Domino AKA: Neena Thurman


So we’ve all probably realized by now there’s some “confusion” When it comes to Domino’s first appearance. This probably won't make it any easier.cbsi_domino_003

New Mutants #98. First appearance of a character named Domino… Which is also, as you know the first appearance of another character that’s really popular right now… Dead something or the other… Too many characters to keep track of with dead in the name if you ask me.

Anyways, there's a huge misconception that the print run on this book is low because it ended with issue 100. Not true. New Mutants was on the chopping block to end with issue 100 for some time. It's cancellation had nothing to do with low sales figures. If anything they decided to launch X-Force #1 and let Rob Liefeld pretty much do whatever he wanted.


X-Force #8 (1st series). This book doesn’t really get the respect it’s do. Mainly because much like with X-23 and NYX #3-4. Many people have never actually read it. All but 2 pages are drawn by Mike Mignola, creator of Hellboy.

All the pages by Mignola are the flashback story. Not just a few pages, try 18-20 pages. The flashback covers a time when Domino, Cable and the 6 Pack are all on a mission. Making it the first time we’ve seen the real Domino. Which nobody knew at the time.


Mignola was getting some heat back then so people think the print run might be high. That may be, but it’s not as high as the print run for NM#98, just sayin'.

Also this book came out around the same time sales at Marvel were dropping because of Image Comics “stealing away all their top talent”. Yes, that was an actual thing that really happened. Image was paying ridiculous pages rates back then for artist to come over.

cbsi_x-force-vol-1-11-021X-Force #11 (1st series). Domino vs Deadpool! So this would be where fans learn Domino's actually been Copy Cat or “Vanessa” all this time, well except in XF#8. The last page cliffhanger cameo of the real Domino who is the captive of Mr. Tolliver. Rob Liefeld draws the cover.

X-Force #15 (1st Series) This issue marks Greg Capullo's start on the X-Force title. It's also the first time since issue XF#8 we see the real Domino in action. Up until this point it's been either Copy Cat or Domino tied up on the last page of assorted issues.

At, the time Greg Capullo he had been drawing Quasar. So getting called up to the X-Division just shows there was something amiss at Marvel at that time. Regardless it was his big break working on a high profile X-Title.

I’m going to level with you. All 4 of these books have some sort of merit. They also all have something working against them. You reading this collectively are the market. You know how this goes. Together you all will shape the fates of X-Force #8, #12 and #15.


Domino probably is going to have a few other books that get some interest as she inches closer to her big screen debut. Here's a few I've been watching and I'm sure more will start to surface in the year ahead.

X-Force #23 (1st Series) Domino vs Copy Cat… but not really. Basically Domino tracks down Copy Cat. Rather than fight Copy Cat tells her she can lead Domino to X-Force. I guess it marks the first time the two have met in the pages of the comics.

Cable X-Force #5 1:50 Variant. This book has been getting harder to find and climbing. Not sure if she's involved in the story or not.

Cable X-Force #4 1:50 Variant. This book has also been getting harder to find. She appears solo on this variant cover not sure about what happens inside.cbsi_domino_covers_01

Domino has had a couple mini series too.

Domino #1 of 3 (1st series). First issue of the first Domino solo series. These are out there in dollar and discount bins. Go get’em!

Domino #1-4 (2nd series). Origin and back story on Domino. Drawn by Brian Stelfreeze so of course I'm going to talk about it. Issue 4 came out late, has the lowest print run of the series and was returnable since it was late. I see a lot of 1-4 sets, not many issue #4’s floating solo in the wild. So just something to think about.

Deadpool: Wade Wilson's War #3 and #4. While Domino primarily just shows up in flashbacks for the first few issues she has a primary role in the last 2 issues. With her silver screen appearance coming up I wouldn't be surprised to see to see bits and pieces from these issues make it there too. Covers and interiors by Jason Pearson.

cbsi_domino_002 X-Force Sex + Violence #1-3. Three part mini series focused mainly around Wolverine and Domino. Covers and interior art by Dell'Otto. This should already be on people's radar. Depending on what Fox draws from for their impending X-Force film there's worst book to get stuck with. Plus, DELL'OTTO INTERIOR ART!!!!! There's a second printing variant for issues #1 and #2, X-23 makes an appearance in issue #3.

There are a couple other books people might want to keep an eye out for in discount bins with Domino on the cover. They are not hard to find, until everyone decides they need it.

Cable #83 (1st series). The return of Domino! Not sure where she went, but she's back!

X-force #68 (1st series). Domino get's captured… Again.

X-force #107-108 (1st series). Domino appears on the covers of both issues. 

X-Force #9 (2nd series). Wolverine and Domino cover.

Uncanny X-Men Annual #1 (2016). She appears in the back up story and on one of the variant covers for the issue.


Domino appears on so many covers for Cable, Cable and X-Force, Deadpool and Cable, Deadpool, X-Force, etc. So dive into those discount bins and see what you can find. It's a bit of a rabbit hole and not everyone will be a winner as I'm sure you already know.

Well, that does it for today. I'm sure I'll update this in the future as more covers emerge.

Till next time… Whenever that may be.


  • Topher

    Marvel and other studios take liberties with their own creations when putting them on film. For example, the E-199999 Vision and origin have very little to do with the original Avengers comics. The value is in the Costume/ first appearance. It doesn’t matter where Domino appears post NM 98 or even who she is. Her first/first cover is iconic and unfortunately for flippers, already in an expensive book. I can’t see any of those x-force books doing much, they have massive print runs and are still easy to find in high grade. Also other than the costume who ever really cared about this character? The reason Deadpool is as popular as he is…that rare combination of great costume and original, humorous writing.

    • Skot Whitman

      I’d completely agree that none of these books will ever be as sought after or valuable as NM#98. Does it make them completely irrelevant? Not necessarily. As you said, the movies will pick and borrow from where ever they want. So that could or could not generate interest in these books… if nothing else it’s something people can keep an eye out for when pawing through discount bins.

      • Topher

        You are right about that, they are not irrelevant just over printed. The X-Force era represents the start of a troubling time for collectors where value was manufactured. The supply is too large in my opinion but some books could do well despite that, especially that first Cable/Deadpool cover. Great article by the way.

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