Bizarro’s One for 11/30/16


Bizarro is not back. Bizarro wife not cut up credit card when she not see how much me buy of Ninjak #20 1:20 variant with Bizarro JR college fund. Silly Bizarro wife, Bizarro jr not go to college, so Bizarro not robbing bank to buy comic this week.

It was huge week for comic, so Bizarro have 6 book he love this week.

1575114_xlNew Talent Showcase Vol 2 #1

Cover very exciting with lots of action. They not look like frozen stiff with limited movement. So real, not like broken robots. Bizarro love.

1575157_xlWacky Raceland #6 Cover B Variant

Bizarro love flaming plane car crash cover. Bizarro not save silly man without parachute. Bizarro very busy reading comic-book.

1575915_xlSmosh #6 Cover B Variant Franco Viglino Cover

This Bizarro favorite comic cover of the week ever. Bizarro can wait to read about box man breaking chain. Bizarro love breaking chain too! Box man cover really speak Bizarro language.

1597466_xlRevolution #5 Cover H Incentive Art Baltazar Interlocking Variant Cover

Bizarro love Revolution happy dance connecting cover. Bizarro wife not know how much Bizarro invest in all covers. Then she not hug Bizarro with frying pan.

1577155_xlGhost Rider Vol 7 #1 Cover G Variant Felipe Smith Cover

Bizarro love cover. Look out people! Ghost Rider head will eat your ice cream! Bizarro know, Ghost Rider head really not eat ice cream. Then fire hair will go out!

1567493_xlTotally Awesome Hulk #12

Bizarro was very happy when see Hulk vs Transformer crossover comic. Bizarro not know they have crossover now. Bizarro always want to read Decepticon cassette Ravage vs mini Hulk.

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