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The Walking Dead continues to have its worst ratings in years. To be honest I can’t figure out why it's not that enjoyable. The writing and characters are all pretty solid. Even the lion is well done. Folks are blaming Jeffrey Dean Morgan but I don’t see it. Other than needing to eat more of whatever he ate to be the Comedian to fill out that leather properly I think he’s killed it. Beyond that there isn’t a ton of books worth buying this week. Here are a couple I like and my favorite Bone comics!

Warriors: The Lost Warrior

Originally an excellent series of novels, this is the first comic translation ( comic appearance ) of Warriors! Soon to be a movie about warring clans of cats I can’t see how it could possible fail.

Warriors: The Lost Warrior

Daredevil 73

First appearance of the Brotherhood of Ankh

On the G+ page I recently spoke about the big GOTG easter egg that James Gunn says no one has found. It has been reported that a previously undiscovered egg concerning the Brotherhood of Ankh was located in the Collector’s description of the infinity stones. But actor Michael Rooker ( Yondu ) basically said that it’s not the one. Keep hunting…


New Mutants 3

First appearance of Demon Bear

I just can’t see the big villain being Demon Bear but the rumors are out there. The market says issue 18 is the first but the bear appears via hallucination here.


Hard Boiled 1-3

There’s talk of a Hard Boiled movie! I have been waiting a long time to see this Miller series on the big screen. The magazine size is going to make NM copies hard to come by.


The makers of The Little Prince, a highly underrated animated film currently on Netflix has plans for a Bone film. Bone 1 might be way out of anyone’s price range a is Thorn: Tales from the Lantern. If you are looking for other Book rarities and treats try these:

Before Bone ( 2008 )

Ohio State University released a limited edition ( 500 copies ) commemorative book. It added more strips and other Bone goodies from Smith’s college days.

Before Bone

Bone 1 ( Second Print )

Issue 1 is mighty expensive but the second print is actually worth a bit of money while much more affordable than the first. It’s not an easy find but it’ a book you actually have a chance of locating. Remember to check the interior for printing number. In Bone’s case the logo color denotes the printing.


The Bone Flip Book

This short flip book from 1994 animates a scene from Bone 10 and was made by a disney animator who worked on Aladdin, The Lion King and other films. They have become quite rare.


Ohio State Lantern October 25, 1982

Jeff Smith’s now famous comic was first published as a comic strip in this university paper.
It is the first appearance of Thorn and Fone Bone.


Cerebus 161

Dave Sim occasionally published previews of books he personally enjoyed. At one time this comic was highly coveted by Bone fans.


Negative Burn 3 ( 1993 )

Early Bone work sometimes showed up in odd places. Take this Caliber book where Jeff Smith’s Bone Sketchbook saw publication.


The American Comic Book

Jeff Smith did the cover to this exhibition book for Ohio State in 1985. It could actually be his first published super-hero and cover.


Wizard Ace Edition

With a print run under 5000, this reprint of issue 1 is now a bonafide Bone collectible.


Disney Adventures Vol. 4 #8

First Bone in color

Disney decided to reprint the first issue of Bone over three issues in 1994.


But the real find is #11 where the series printed and original Bone short “ May the Force be With You”. It was the first original story printed outside of the Bone comic in color.

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