Black Panther

patternMarvel hit a homerun bringing Black Panther to the big screen in Captain America: Civil War and since then his fan base hasn’t stopped getting bigger. In my opinion, there are very few great covers or variants of Black Panther that really stand out at the moment so now is the time to invest! Let’s get to it!

Obviously this one had to be here. You were probably already thinking about it while reading the intro, and you were right!

303659_20140710151507_largeOriginal Sin (2014) #2
1:50 Variant
Release Date: May 21 2014
Cover Artist: Gabriele Dell’Otto
Print Run: 1,852
Raw: $70
9.6: $115
9.8: $200

This cover is simply beautiful. The shading, depths and the highlights are used in a manner only Dell’Otto can deliver. The pose that Black Panther strikes is iconic. This variant is surely one to look for, but in all honesty, even if it looks awesome, I think that the Dell’Otto craze and the fact that there are other Original Sin variants that command good money are pushing up the price a little bit too much right now. Black Panther is really done well but the art should have taken up the entire cover. And what on earth is he standing on?

You know I wouldn’t let you down after showing you a Dell’Otto cover that’s already hot, so let’s take a look at our other book. This one is done by ___________. You read that right, there’s apparently no artist acknowledged for this cover. Instead, the credit for cover artist goes to Udon Comics as a whole.

black_panther_vol_6_6_udon_variantBlack Panther #6
1:25 Variant
Release Date: September 14 2016
Cover Artist: Unknown (Udon Entertainment)
Print Run: 2,349
Raw: $15
9.6: ?
9.8: $50

Despite the low print run and the very strong cover, this book moved up for only a short time and went back down quickly upon release (luck for you). I think you can even buy it now for less than you would have bought it when released. People seem to have forgotten about this one and, while it is easy to find a copy right now, the print run won’t change so it will only get scarcer. When the supply does run dry, that’s when you will wish to have bought one. Maybe it’s only me, but there’s something about this cover that captivates me. THIS is the pose I see Black Panther having from now on. Even the art style looks familiar to Dell’Otto!

This is a low print run variant, with amazing art that can be bought in a 9.8 for $50. Think about it. Really. I mean, sure, there are other variants that have the same particularities and don’t do well, but they don’t have a movie coming soon! Also, if you follow the market trends, many of the new undervalued released variants take about six months to a year before the they can start increasing in value. That’s about the time where speculators have a wake up call on a book and suddenly the market goes dry.

Buy this one and hold onto it. Mark my words, one day, when the market will look for a Black Panther variant to have, this one will be on their list.

Until next week, See ya!

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  • JaredrBarber

    Terrific article Louis-Philippe! You definitely have your finger on the pulse of the Panther crowd, as yup, with the comics, movie appearance and upcoming solo flick, I agree that his comics will have him climbing in popularity all over the net…..and if the net loves one things…it’s cats. Although I really liked the covers you chose, (I’d never seen the one with him on the throne before….no, not THAT throne hehe) especially the Original Sin, (can’t lose with Dell’Otto) and that one negative hip hop version seems to have an audience, I actually really like these two as much as the Original Sin,
    “Black Panther (2016) #2B – cover art by Frank Cho”
    as well as
    “Ultimates (2015 Marvel) #3C – cover art by Tim Sale” – (My personal favourite, and they even moved the main title for just this one issue in order to make room for Tim’s amazing top-edge-favouring character layout)
    Not sure of the print numbers on those, but having those in the PC would make selling the tough part, as putting those back into sales-land would be tough considering how cool some of these panther art pieces look.
    Keep up the great work! Loving the articles that CBSI continues to crank out thanks to a stellar volunteering group of talented comic nerds.

  • Alondo

    You beat me to the punch on this one Jared. I’ve been telling everyone, “Do not sleep on the Black Panther 50th Anniversary set”. The ones that I think will dry up and demand higher prices as the movie approaches are:

    Ultimates #3 – Tim Sale Cover (Frazetta homage) – estimated print run: 1,203
    Hyperion #1 – Keron Grant Cover – estimated print run: 1,267
    New Avengers #12 – Denys Cowan Cover (Frazetta homage) – estimated print run: 1,379
    Civil War II Kingpin #1 – Matthew Wilson Cover – estimated print run: 1,932
    Totally Awesome Hulk #10 – Phil Jiminez Cover – estimated print run: 1,048

    Happy hunting!

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