bengal_photoIf you haven’t heard of Bengal yet… Well, that’s ok, It seems he’s pretty recent to the comic scene. At least here in the states. He started out in the games industry and crossed over into comics around 2014.

My guess is you’ve already seen his work and just didn’t know his name. His work is signed with a B, so not the easiest signature to track down. Compounded with being the name of a famous species of tiger. He's not making things easy on potential fans when it comes to hunting him down online. Despite that, he does have a following, which I'd count myself among.

Recently you can see his work gracing the first 12 regular covers of the All New Wolverine series featuring X-23. As well as the connecting cover for the current story arc.


Over at DC he’s currently illustrating the variant covers for the Super-Girl Rebirth series. Earlier this year he finished a 3 issue stint on Spider-Gwen from issues #7-9 and some interior work on Adventures of Super-Girl issue #3. Sadly he didn't illustrate the cover on that one.


I first stumbled across his work with issue #37 of Batgirl. Which from DC, might be his second published gig. He illustrated the ratio variant cover to what ended up being a controversial issue. But his work was cool, it was different and kinetic. Distinct. It definitely got my attention. So when his name appeared in solicitations for Batgirl: Endgame One-Shot and the 3rd Batgirl Annual, I had to check them out.


Both issues have interior artwork, as well as the covers by Bengal. He's also done the interiors for Guardians Team Up #8 featuring Silver Surfer and the Teen Titans #8. Whichever series it was right before Rebirth.


He's responsible for many covers over the past couple years. Rebirth Red Hood and The Outlaws #1, Rebirth Super Girl variants, a Betty and Veronica #1 variant, Spider-Gwen #0 Fried Pie variant, Spider-Gwen #5 Fired Pie Variant and the interior art for Spider-Gwen #7-9, when it was crossing over into all the spider-women books. I'm sure I'm forgetting some. There's a bunch out there.


His first comic work was published in France. Naja, published by Magnetic Press and followed by Luminae… They seem to have been happening at the same time in 2014. Both have been collected and translated into english from the original French. Naja has also been optioned for development into a feature film.


If you're an online gamer, or have a youngster in your household who is, you've probably heard of Overwatch. There was a SDCC 2016 Overwatch comic promo released at the convention containing two stories. One of the stories is illustrated by Bengel. The story introduces and provides back story for one of the characters  (Ana) in the game.  It's pretty cool even if you don’t play Overwatch.


So now you've heard of Bengal. This cat is definitely making his presence known in the world of comics. Not by creating drama but by producing beautiful and solid comic work. He's not a one trick pony. From covers to interiors he does it all and does it very well. While his variants are not fetching big bucks right now, give him time. He may still have that new car smell, but it's clear he's going to be a superstar.


If you'd like to see more of his stunning artwork you can follow him on social media like Facebook and/or Twitter.

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  • JaredrBarber

    His full name is “Bengal San”, as he cranks out cool art a couple hours from Paris over in Reims but ya, he prefers to be called just “Bengal” professionally, so no harm if you can’t find additional info under his full name, as it probably won’t assist in finding more info.
    GREAT article by the way Skot ! Bengal certainly seems to love fine-detailed, story driven perspective drawings and I hope he stays in the game having come in sideways to the industry, as the more talented artists that get involved, the better off we all are, giving us increasingly awesome visuals as we leaf through terrific stories.

    • Skot Whitman

      ah, ok. When i first caught on to him he was online and in social media as Bengal San, then his accounts changed to bengel art or artist… something like that. I thought Bengal San was just an internet type screen/username, not his actual name. so that’s good to know.

      I think his AN Wolverine #3 is possibly one of the best cover to ever grace a comic cover. I mean how can you not want to pick that up and see what’s inside?! I also like his ANW#10 cover a lot.

  • Comickaze

    I get a distinct Olivier Coipel feel off of his work which is a good thing. (Speaking of a guy who doesn’t get anywhere near enough props!) Definitely like these pieces on the up and comers… always important to stay just ahead of the curve.

    • Skot Whitman

      Olivier Coipel, who reminds me of Leinil Francis Yu (speaking of guys that don’t get the cred) lol But you’re 100% right about Coipel and up and comers. Finding the next Jim Lee’s and Adam Hughes before they blow up is at least half the fun of this hobby.

  • Avatar

    To be honest whoever did the coloring deserves most of the credit . The lighting and coloring set it off.

  • Ben C

    Awesome, happy to read it again, thanks Skot!!

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