1 Venom (Vol. 3) #1 Gabrielle Dell'Otto Virgin Variant /500

9 WRITER: Mike Costa
ARTIST: Gerardo Sandoval
Even on a very slow week, this is still the book to have.  Sales, not pre-sales, are now in excess of $200.  I have a feeling that there is still a large percentage of the comic book collecting world that is not even aware of this book yet.

2 Batman #608 Jim Lee RRP Variant

3 WRITER: Jeph Loeb
As was commented last week by JDR, this book once again deserves to be here.  Raws are now $2000+.  A 9.8 recently sold for over $4000.  This is my personal most wanted modern book (and likely the one book I will never own).

3 Seven To Eternity #1

WRITER: Rick Remender
ARTIST: Jerome Opena
Continues to sell well.  For those wondering, with multiple covers, this ‘A' cover appears to be the clear winner at this point, even though it is probably the highest printed of the bunch.


4 Inferno #1 Adi Granov 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Dennis Hopeless
ARTIST: Javi Garron
Just a short while back, this book could be had for as little as $10-15.  It is now a $50 book and they are nowhere to be found on eBay.  Magik is one of those female characters that has lots of room to move upward, and Granov nailed this one IMO.


5 Carnage (Vol. 2) #3 Yasmine Putri 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Gerry Conway
ARTIST: Mike Perkins
Continuing to build on its recent surge, this book is now selling for $75+.


6 Bone #1

WRITER: Jeff Smith
ARTIST: Jeff Smith
A CGC 9.6 sold last week for $2200.  Some people don't understand the appeal of this book, but it is one of a small handful of blue chip small press books out there.  Fun Fact on Rivalry Day, Jeff Smith grew up where?  O-H!!


7 Fearless Defenders #4 Stephanie Hans 1:50 Variant

WRITER: Cullen Bunn
ARTIST: Will Sliney
Very high ratio for a low printed title.  Recent sales have pushed this to be a $100 book.


8 Batwoman #28 Dave Johnson 1:25 Steampunk Variant

WRITER: Marc Andreyko
ARTIST: Jeremy Haun
Last week, the Wonder Woman Steampunk made the list.  This week a raw copy of this extremely hard to find book hit $130+.


9 Venom #1 Todd McFarlane B/W Variant /1000

WRITER: Mike Costa
ARTIST: Gerardo Sandoval
I thought for sure that the price on this book would tank within 24 hours of release, but it has done the opposite.  Selling for $125+ it currently is bucking the trend of these Diamond Retailer Variants.  I still think long term, the Dell'Otto will be the winner of the Venom #1's, but I have been wrong before.


10 Brittania #2 Dave Johnson 1:50 Variant

WRITER: Peter Milligan
ARTIST: Juan Jose Ryp
We've said it before, the one thing you can say about Valiant fans is they are loyal to the brand.  if there is a hard to find cover that they like, they will pay good money for it.  This one is currently moving in the $100+ range and one recently sold for close to $200.


Invincible Iron Man #7 David Lopez Variant

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
ARTIST: Mike Deodato
Unlike a lot of recent books that had 1st appearances, this one has held its value quite well.  Continuing to sell in the $40-50 range, this looks to be a long term winner with the continuing emergence of RiRi Williams.

5 Marvel Spotlight #5

WRITER: Roy Thomas
ARTIST: Mike Ploog
If you haven't paid attention, this book is hitting all-time highs in many different grades.  This has always been a great book to have and is getting some deserved price bumps.

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