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There's only one comic this week and that's Venom #1. Can Marvel do good with the good ol' symbiote? Is Venom like the Star Trek movies where only every second one is any good? There are extensive spoilers online, so you've probably already made up your mind. Meanwhile, the comic industry takes a breath to hopefully give us a better week next.

Venom #1 Todd McFarlane 1:1000 VariantVenom #1 Todd McFarlane 1:1000 Variant Venom #1 Todd McFarlane 1:Store Sketch VariantVenom #1 Todd McFarlane 1:Store Sketch Variant
Don't know if you've heard but there's a new Venom series starting this week … 8 official variants and a few more store variants, but these two should take the cake. Beautiful they aren't (people have pretty much decided the best cover is Dell'Otto's), but they are going to have tiny print runs and you know how that works. If this series is a hit, that 1:1000 will be more expensive than your kidneys. I think the 1:store variant looks marginally better, but that's some lazy logo color inversion, they could have added a border or something.
AD After Death #1AD After Death #1

Jeff Lemire must be the busiest man in comics. This time he teams up with Scott Snyder in order to bring us a 3-issue story about what happens when humans find a cure for death.

Cage #2 Bruce Timm 1:25 VariantCage #2 Bruce Timm 1:25 Variant

I know some people didn't really like the first issue, but it's easy to see why. People came out of the Netflix series expecting some intense urban drama but got blaxploitation meets Ren & Stimpy. I can dig it. And this Timm movie poster is awesome.

Marvel Tsum Tsum #4 Dave Johnson 1:25 VariantMarvel Tsum Tsum #4 Dave Johnson 1:25 Variant

Not sure about this one but it's already sold out in Midtown so it's either been ordered in small numbers or people really like it. Both possibilities could make this a winner.

Harley Quinn #8 Frank Cho VariantHarley Quinn #8 Frank Cho Variant

Frank Cho is back on cover duty, this time Harley Quinn. It seems reasonable to think that he won't be finding problems here and it will allow him to put some fun in his work.

Chew #60Chew #60

Congratulations to the creative team of this series for being able to hook people for 60 issues and tell their complete story as they wanted to. This kind of thing gives me hope for the industry.

Civil War II #7Civil War II #7

Most of the Marvel universe has already gone through a wormhole and is now in a reality where whatever happens in this issue has already happened, but it will still be nice to read it happen (unless it's an issue about people talking about it, but I guess that's why they added issue 8).

Judging a book by its cover

There were a few covers that I really liked this week, but these four look awesome and are totally different from each other.

Lumberjanes #32 Feifei Ruan 1:20 Virgin VariantLumberjanes #32 Feifei Ruan 1:20 Virgin Variant Batman Beyond Vol 6 #2 Martin Ansin CoverBatman Beyond Vol 6 #2 Martin Ansin Cover
All-New X-Men Annual #1 Afu Chan CoverAll-New X-Men Annual #1 Afu Chan Cover Doctor Strange And The Sorcerers Supreme #2 Frazer Irving 1:25 VariantDoctor Strange And The Sorcerers Supreme #2 Frazer Irving 1:25 Variant

That's it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!


  • Gwenpool4President

    A.D. After Death looks really interesting, I like when creators mess around with the medium. Looking forward to more Cho images of Harley, should be fun. The Dell’Otto Venom has to be the winner this week, that thing is a masterpiece.

  • Avatar

    A lot of these Variants arent even nice looking anymore….I get the feeling everyones just collectively nodding their heads in feigned approval…I refuse to bow to the variant gods, that say because its 1:25 its a good book….these things are boring….

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