No Love: Venom

noloveThis is the week that many have been waiting for: VENOM #1 drops this week!!! With many speculators securing their Dell'Otto covers and other various Venom variants, cover appearances, and important symbiote-related milestones, I’m here to highlight a few Venom covers that no one has been paying attention to. IMO these books are great PC adds and, what’s more, can be found on the cheap.

ultimate_spider-man_vol_1_33Ultimate Spider-Man #33 (1st Ultimate Venom/Eddie Brock)

One of the better renditions of Venom that I can remember is also his 1st appearance in the Ultimate U and given to us by Mark Bagley. These Ultimate comic book covers were printed on cardstock and hard to come by in NM condition (even more so because they are a pressing nightmare). Venom's origin is told in USM #33-38 and the set can be found for as little as $8.

ultimate_spider-man_vol_1_60Ultimate Spider-Man #60 (1st Ultimate Carnage)

Though not a great Venom cover, it's still a relevant symbiote 1st appearance in the Ultimate U.

sub-mariner_vol_2_4Sub-Mariner # 4 (of 6)

Most Sub-Mariner books don’t go for any money, and this is no different. Marko Djurdjevic does an awesome job and this cover should be recognized for the work of art that it truly is.

spider-man-venom-returnsSpider-Man: Venom Returns (TPB)

I don’t know if this was the inspiration for the Tyler Kirkham Venom/Deadpool mashup cover but I do know it’s just as nice. Again, I know this symbiote takeover has been done many times but this might be the 1st. Get it cheap!

New Avengers #35

This was highlighted before on CBSI but has since fallen off the radar. It's time to give Lenil Yu credit for this stunning rendition of two of Marvel's most famous characters.


Thunderbolts #110 Venom variant 

Another previously mentioned Yu production is Thunderbolts #110 Venom variant (not cheap but had to show it once again).

ams-346Amazing Spider-Man # 346

Erik Larsen was the originator of the now classic slobbery, tongue hanging, Venom beast. I feel this is the best of his covers, with Venom also showing up on covers to ASM #332, 333, 345, 346, and 347.

amazing_spider-man_vol_1_316AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST…
Amazing Spider-Man # 316

For the life of me I can't believe that this book is not an at-least-$50 book. LOOK AT IT, IT'S GORGEOUS!!!!!! 1st full Venom on the cover – check. Macfarlane cover art – check. Key issue – check.  Get it now.


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