Classic Cover of the Week 11/20/2016


New Week, New Covers!!





Arguably the greatest non DC War Comic and the 1st of the title.  The cover brought to us by Harvey Kurtzman.

24 Universal on the CGC Census, 2 9.8s at the top and a 2.0 at the bottom yielding an average of 6.59

SHELF DATE of November 1950



With a shelf date of April 1948, this Matt Baker classic is quite possibly one of the greatest comic book covers of all time.  Record shattering prices when an example has come to market this year paired with what seems to be true scarcity has this book not only on the top of most collector's “bucket list books” list, but also provides entertainment for those folks content to just sit back and watch the explosion of bids.

As always, thanks for looking, folks!

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