Justice League vs Suicide Squad #1

I was kinda hoping to do one of these for a Marvel series, but they don't seem to be very interesting … Other than the Dell'Otto covers I am not really feeling the rest. Seems like DC might be winning the store exclusive wars for whatever that's worth …

In any case, JL vs SS it is. Having so many covers feature Harley Quinn heavily is no surprise, but that more than half of them focus on the legendary (!) Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman relationship smells like editorial encouraging artists to do that. Fortunately for everybody's time, JSC or Cho are not involved, so no objectifying talk this time.

As far as the quality of the covers goes, let's highlight Mark Brooks' first work for DC (if you're wondering, I added that third variant because it's a wraparound), Jonboy Meyers' tribute to Batman #251 or Bermejo's kick-ass Wonder Woman. As always, we are just featuring these covers for you to know you have a choice between quite a few covers and that you should go directly to the store that sells them for the original price. These will not pay for your nuclear bunker, so enjoy the art and buy what you really like!!!

As always, counting on you guys to let me know which ones I have forgotten. Thanks!!!

s-l1600-15Ed Benes
Rodman Comics
s-l1600-16Tyler Kirkham
Unknown Comics
s-l1600-17Lee Bermejo
Forbidden Planet / Jetpack Comics
s-l1600-18Gabriele Dell'Otto
Bulletproof Comix
Legacy Comics
s-l1600-20Dawn McTeigue
Most Good Hobby
s-l1600-21Jonboy Meyers
KRS Comics
s-l1600-22Francis Manapul
Fried Pie Comics
1-15415Joe Jusko
Buy Me Toys
pantaPaolo Pantalena (comes in 3 versions, the 3rd one being a recolored version)
Islander Comics
mid1Mark Brooks
Midtown Comics Connecting cover
mid2Mark Brooks
Midtown Comics Connecting cover
1593201_xlMark Brooks
Midtown Comics Wraparound B&W Cover
image_8b761e0d-632c-4f98-9ba1-81bd1b457f12_1024x1024Francesco Mattina
Frankie's Comics, Sad Lemon Comics, 7ate9 Comics & The Comic Mint – 2 connecting covers
aodAshley Witter
AOD Collectables
jlss1mm-hardinfullcolorChad Hardin
M&M Comics (the virgin version has additional art)


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