Justice League America #34 – Adam Hughes – January 1990

jla_34_coverWelcome back to another episode of Covers from the Unknown!! This week I give you a relatively unknown artist by the name of Adam Hughes! Lol! Ok, just kidding. But I do give you a comic that not a lot of people know about! Justice League America #34, from January 1990. Looking dead center at this comic, it has a very Catwoman #51 “feel” to it. Will it be the next Catwoman #51, or even #70? Probably not. Two other things that make this comic a must have for us…..Blue Beetle and Booster Gold enjoying drinks!!

In terms of print run….this comic is from the early 90's…SO, there are plenty of these out there. Also, they are very affordable. All ranging from $3 – $10. IMHO, it is an amazing deal for a great Adam Hughes cover!! You cant go wrong, and you know the comic will only rise in value! For some extra credit, take a look at other JLA Hughes covers! He did a whole run of them! Happy Hunting Fellas!

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  • Avatar

    This entire Giffen/DeMatteis run is one of my all-time faves. Hilarious stuff!

  • Khoi Cakes

    I believe I read somewhere that this was a cleaned up cover. IIRC supposedly Blue Beetle and Booster were getting “special treatment” by some ladies that are beyond the outer border.

  • Avatar

    I adore this cover; it’s one of my favorite Hughes pieces and I was thrilled to recently acquire a CGCSS.

  • millivanilli

    Im late adding my comment but I would like to bring up a little gem by AH. It is very rare and such an underrated awesome cover. The comic is Sally Forth #8, every copy that was listed on ebay is gone and if there is one for sale, its bought in no time. Anyways it is on the checklist you guys posted awhile back but just wanted to let everyone know that it is in my top 3 favorite Adam Hughes covers!

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