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patternHello again and welcome back! This week we will talk about two books that might not be in the same run, but that definitely have a lot in common. Let’s roll!

Everybody knows about this one, but for the sake of the article, I’ll break it down for you :

What If Venom Possessed Deadpool

What if ? Vol.1 #1 Venom possessed Deadpool?

Release Date: February 16 2011
Cover Artist: Skottie Young
Print Run: 17,609
Raw: $135
9.6: $270
9.8: $390

There’s nothing more I can explain to you about why this book is on fire. First of all, the print run is very low. A lot of people even think that it’s a variant (although it’s actually a compilation). Also, the cover is awesome: the art is great, Venom is a win, Deadpool is a win…mix both and you should have a book that everybody will want. In any case, the cover looks very ‘’pure’’ because of the white background and while it makes it harder to find this comic in near mint condition, it gives the impression that the art is actually a sketch done on a blank variant cover, which is fantastic!

It may be a little too late to buy this one… but I don’t think it has peaked yet! Be alert and look for auctions on the Bay, you might be able to snag this one for a good price; but avoid the ‘’buy it now’’. People are selling these raw at the price of a 9.8.

I have managed to find another comic that is very similar to the What if?, but this one was released a bit earlier :

Amazing Spider-Man #611The Amazing Spider-man Vol.1 #611

Release Date: November 11 2009
Cover Artist: Skottie Young
Print Run: 64,484
Raw: $20
9.6: $50
9.8: $90

Sadly, the print run really spoils this one. Still, it has plenty of room to grow and I’ve learned over time that one of the most subjective aspects of the value of a comic is the number of copies there are. Deadpool and Spiderman are two very strong characters and having them both on a cover is something you should bet on. Again, there’s the white background and the illusion of a commissioned sketch cover. The art is original and fun and is very loyal to what we can expect of a Skottie Young piece.

I think that despite the print run, this cover has a great chance to hit the $70 raw mark one day. IT WILL NOT BE TOMORROW. But hold on to your copies and grade them if you have the chance. There are not a lot of valuable Skottie Young covers out there and the market always tend to find a ‘’twin’’ to a cover that is out of reach for most. Even if those covers are similar, they both offer their own personality and that’s where the speculators will bite.

Tell me if you think this one has a chance or not, or if you already had an eye on it!
Until then, I’ll look for another good comic for next week!


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    The 2nd print on ASM 611 must have a much smaller print run if anyone cares. It has a slightly different cover with Deadpool’s word balloon saying something else. I remember it took me a long time to hunt one down in the wild.

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      I was thinking the same thing. I haven’t checked in a while, buy I think the 2nd print was actually selling for more than the first print last time I looked.

      Another one that would have worked well in this article would have been the Deadpool Back in Black #1 KRS comics exclusive Tyler Kirkham variant. I believe it had a print run limited to 3000 copies, features a white background, and in my opinion one of, if not THE best venom/deadpool covers ever. I can see this one surpassing the What if #1 cover someday.

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    Does anyone know the print run of the Annihilators #4 Skottie Young variant? Great Groot/Rocket cover.

  • misfit138

    I am a CGC grader and I see both books very often during the week. I see more of the What If? 1 though.

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