Doctor Strange Movie, The Donald and more!

Doctor Strange has restored my faith in the Marvel 199999. While I enjoyed Captain America 3 for many reasons (the bad guy won, Crossbones and the Black Panther’s costume) it was not without its flaws. This film was a welcome addition to comic book cinema. It gave viewers something completely new while staying true to the source material in the most important ways.

As far as speculation goes, it turns out my long term hold of Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme 45 wasn’t the sleeper I had hoped. The movie did pull directly from other sources like the 2005 Strange series and The Oath but sadly Death was not a part of this film. If the rumors about Nightmare in a sequel prove to be true then 45 could still be a player down the road especially if they expand upon Strange origin as the book offers more tragedy from Strange’s past. I did get the appearance of the Book of Cogliostro right and it turned out to be a major plot device along with the first appearance of the time gem. After that there just weren’t many comic connections that really stood out but there were a few sneaky tidbits.

Strange Tales 125

First appearance of the Crimson bands of Cyttorak

Famed items directly from the comics played key roles in this film. Speculating on objects is a market all its own but there simply aren’t many books that set the world on fire based solely on their appearances. There are exceptions like the Infinity Gauntlet and individual appearances of the gems should continue to see gains as the device slowly takes center stage in the highly anticipated Avengers 3.
Strange gets a little help from his cape to contain Kaecilius with the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak!


Unfortunately I cannot find any comic appearance of the Vaulting Boots of Valtorr but here are some others you may like:

Doctor Strange Prelude

First appearance of the Sling Ring and Dark Scepter


The Amazing Spider-Man King Size Annual 2

First appearance of the Wand of Watoomb


Strange Tales 157

First appearance of the Living Tribunal

There’s no word that the guardian of the multiverse will be appearing in a film but I did find it interesting that Mordo carries his staff.


The Black Knight 1

First appearance of Sir Percy of Scandia

The Black Knight’s helmet made a quick appearance!


Strange Tales 111

First appearance Hamire the Hermit

Wong’s father makes a brief appearance.


Strange Tales 127

First appearance of the Mindless Ones

It’s quite possible that the Zealots were transformed into these fearful creatures right at the end of the film.


Daredevil 254

First appearance of Typhoid Mary

Exercise caution with this one but some folks believe the reference to a woman with schizophrenia struck by lightning in Doctor Strange isn’t related to Captain Marvel. Rather the small mention is in fact Typhoid Mary who could wind up a Netflix TV villain.



Luthor: The Unauthorized Biography

Not only is this book a cover swipe of Donald Trump’s book, The Art of the Sell but it is the first appearance of Lex Luthor’s mother who just so happens to be the big bad on Supergirl! The names are a bit different but it’s one of only a handful of appearances.


New Avengers 47

First appearance of Donald Trump

I have to give Jim Linguini some credit here because I did a bit of research to find our new president’s first comic appearance but as it turns out he appeared in an issue of Heavy Metal from 1990 and in it he’s building the wall!?!? That book is now Trump’s first appearance and this book is his first appearance in a comic book.



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    Didn’t Barbara Norriss — one of the Valkyrie’s incarnations — have schizophrenia? Possibly this is a reference to the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok.

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    As always, a very good read.

    From what I can find, Trump’s first appearance in comics in general is in HUP Comix 3, by Robert Crumb. It came out in 1989. Obviously this isn’t a book with a gigantic Secret Invasion-era print run like the Avengers book, but it’s notable to me since it’s from so long ago.

    Hillary shows up in Warlock and the Infinity Watch 22, but I don’t know if it’s her first appearance.

    • Topher

      Well you are correct on Hup 3. I show a first printing of 1987 and a second in 1989. The Avengers book is now irrelevant as a result. I would still put some serious value on the Heavy Metal Jimmy found thanks to that “wall” bit. The Hillary tidbit is funny. I wonder if that book would have done anything if she had won!

      Thanks for reading and the correction on Trump.

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