Deathstroke Vol. 1, #60

lasttoknowNew Teen Titans #2, the first appearance of Deathstroke broke really big a couple of months ago with the “leaked” Ben Affleck footage. As speculators clamored for copies, prices obviously increased for other Deathstroke keys.


While many snatched up copies of his second and third appearances in Teen Titans #9 and #10 respectively as well as significant issues of his first solo series, the last issue of that series, Deathstroke Vol. 1, #60, saw a larger rise than most of his other keys. Consider that the comic, which was published in April 1996, only made it to #147 on the Diamond sales chart that month. (Diamond did not even distribute Marvel Comics that month. so the title's competition was even thinner.) This equates to a considerably low print run.

Online sales of the issue in reported NM condition hit the $20-30 range immediately following the release of the footage and the announcement that Deathstroke will be the antagonist in The Batman. Current asking prices for high-grade copies continue to climb. (A NM copy is currently listed for $75.) There is only one graded copy in the Census, a 9.6. The book, written by Marv Wolfman and penciled by Mike Huddleston, features a largely white cover by Dave Johnson, which makes it tough to find in the highest grades.

Therefore, the time to strike on this issue is now. Prices will predictably rise as production on the film continues and ultimately the first trailer drops. If you find that elusive 9.8 in the wild, slab it so you can be the proud owner of the only graded 9.8 in the world!

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    The hunt is on! great article

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    This book got hot 6 months ago and leveled off. The only reason this book will ” predictably ” rise in value is because of mindless “investors” reading articles on sites like this. Im not tearing you down either, I really like much of the information posted here, but the effect you folks have on this community is pretty insane, I hope you realize it.

    To my point, I had a copy for sale for 6 months, On MCS and Ebay. It didn’t sell and I got no offers for the entire 6 months. You post this, and it sells 38 minutes after your post. That’s not a coincidence. If the person who bought it wants to come forward and confirm this, that would be awesome. It was a 7.5 for $28

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    Jason I appreciate you coming forward. I re-read my post, and I didn’t mean to come off as a jerk, I realize I did by using the word ” Mindless”. That’s not what it is, nor what I meant honestly. Some people don’t have the time to research for hours on end which books may go up in value, and that’s why sites like this exist. Rather be late to the party than miss it entirely.

    The point Im making is if a book hits a site like this, you can either snatch it up right off before it blows up and establishes a new plateau, or wait 3-6 months and hope it goes back down, which happens just as often.

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