Batman Incorporated #3 – 1:25 David Finch Variant – April 2011

bminccv3var-copy-1Happy Friday ladies and gentlemen! After a wild week, with a crazy election, let's kick back and read a brand new Covers from the Unknown! This week I give you a cover from an, in my opinion, under-rated artist who never gets the love he deserves. Let's look at Batman Incorporated #3, the 1:25 variant by David Finch. This cover, has the Batman in his purest form. A creature of the night, in the old fashioned black costume, the bat shining bright. Finch captures the Batman like very few can.

Right now, this variant is somewhat easy to find. With a 1:25, and a print run of 60k for the regular print, we are looking at about 2,400 of these out there. All of our normal online shops are carrying this for us. Normally all for about $10. For the cover alone, I would grab one. It's an amazing cover, by an amazing artist. Happy Hunting ladies and gentlemen!


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