The Unpressable Defects #27

In this issue …. Trey's back, an unavoidable quick chat about the elections, Iron Man, Captain America, Black (Mask), World of Wakanda, the Dr. Strange movie, and lots more!!!

Language warning! Contains strong language …


Intro: The Prodigy v Public Enemy – Shut 'em Up

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  • Avatar

    Just got done listening! Great job guys! You mixed in politics without getting crazy, tough to do these days. Also that Macho Man cover is the bomb. Being a kid of the 80s I loved WWF wrestling. Loved watching Saturday night main event. My favorite wrestler was Andre the Giant. Macho Man , Undertaker and Roddy Piper were a very close second!

  • Topher

    There are couple of minor comic connections in Strange:

    Strange Tales 125 ( first appearance of the Crimson bands of Cyttorak )

    and Daniel Drumm appears.

    Nice podcast!

  • Avatar

    Two hour mark and the wheels fall off with the toilet paper roll….lol

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