Fan Expo Contest Results

As promised here are the results for the contests … Two of them, one for the best (according to me) mashup suggestion and the other to a random winner. The prize? Fan Expo Vancouver's variant set!!!

Anyone who gave the podcast a listen already knows that the winner for the mashup was Skot Whitman, and I couldn't be happier about it. Skot is an important part of the website and apparently has really good taste in music too. Considering he has a really good eye for art too (in that we seem to like a lot of the same stuff), I am starting to think he's like my version of a hard-working way kinder Tyler Durden. Congrats Skot!

For the second set, I took the commenter's names, removed Skot (as he had already won a set) and myself from the list and run's list randomizer … Here's the winner:


So congrats vster23, will contact you over the weekend … To the rest of you, thanks for your suggestions and better luck next time!!!


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