Subject 18: Grail AKA: Darkseid’s Daughter


Haven't written one of these in awhile so figured it was probably time. Grail's been on my radar since… Well the same day everyone was chasing Batman #40's I guess, which would be the beginning. Hey, if Steppenwolf, the very definition of background character can be the big bad for the first Justice League movie, anythings possible…


So Grail's got just as much a shot of appearing on the big screen as anyone at this point. Especially since Grail was created in part by Geoff Johns. Who as you probably know is overseeing the DCCU. With Justice League and Wonder Woman both set for film releases next year, some possible ground would could be laid… Or at the very least hinted at for Grail. These films are planned pretty far in advance, so it would be down the road a bit. With Darkseid showing up in a future JL movie if not in the background of the first one. With Wonder Woman's lack of an impressive Rogues gallery, Grail's chances for an onscreen appearance one day seems pretty good.

Justice League #40Justice League #40. First appearance of Grail on the last story page. A Cliffhanger Cameo. Last page mentions Free Comic book day on May 2nd which is 3 days after JL# 40 was released. The regular cover, combo pack and the 1:25 cover are the ones to get. Stay away from the Magic Mike poster cover… or not, you can probably find it the cheapest.

Now don't go out and buy these up thinking your going to make money tomorrow. If you can find them at a good price, it might not hurt to pick them up. Grail's a long-term play, you're going to have to sit on these for maybe a couple years. This is a play that could never end up paying out big, so just keep that in mind. Also she's got no heat on her at the moment.Prices have been dropping on eBay recently so you can probably haggle for these at shows and in your LCS if need be.

Divergence #1. This is the book released for free comic book day in 2015. It contains Grail's origin story in addition to a Batman and a Superman story. Grail appears as a baby in one panel and as an adult in another couple panels… so I'd call it a 2nd cameo… but it is the first part of her origin. Which is continued in JL:DSW Special #1

Justice League of America #41

Justice League of America #41

Justice League #41. First full appearance of Grail. Grail in action vs the Justice league. We see what she's capable of. She holds her own against the majority of the team… Well she makes short work of a few of them. Mister Miracle also makes an appearance in this issue.

JL#41 has a couple variations. I really like the “Blank Cover” for investment, personally. You can commission an artist to create a cover for it. Then slab it and you've got something really special. Plus the regular cover is underneath. I've been noticing the blanks are starting to get harder to find in the wild.

Justice League #42 Second full appearance of Grail. First Bat-Mobius Chair… like anyone cares about that.

Justice League #43-50 She appears throughout the rest of the Darkseid war arc.

Justice League: Darkseid War Special #1 Continues Grails origin and has a Jessica Cruz appearance.

And that's pretty much it for Grail… At least at the time of writing this. I'm sure she'll show up in the comics again sooner or later. When she does, JL#40 and #41 will be in demand again.


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    Ha ha ha, I have that Magic Mike cover. Screw it, I love that cover! It’s nutso that first appearances now aren’t only fighting over what’s a cameo and what’s a first appearance, but also which cover is better for the first appearance? Ugh.

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      I love that cover, too, and bought a fair number of them on release because, well, look at it. It’s a cheesecake cover designed to appeal to an under-served demographic by an up and coming artist (Lupacchino). They do move in the $8-10 range.

      I also sprung for a CGC SS copy for the PC.

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    Good article. Thank you.

    The Divergence FCBD Special Edition shipped to stores on the same day as Justice League #40. Most stores do not hold them for three days before distributing them. However, the story in Justice League #40 is titled “Darkseid War Prologue,” while the story in Divergence FCBD Special Edition is titled “Justice League Darkseid War Prologue Two: The Other Amazon.”

    Also Darkseid’s Daughter (Grail) is first mentioned in Justice League of America’s Vibe #7 (October 2013), but nobody pays extra for “first mentions” [except the craziness that is Wolverine #80].

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      Not to complicate things further, but Darkseid’s Daughter (Grail) also has a very minor cameo (more like a first mention) in Justice League of America’s Vibe #1 (2013) as a prisoner in The Circus, along with Cybernary, Krakkl, Pariah, Gypsy, Scissorman, and a Weaponeer of Qward.

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    #41 also has a second print with a red background and black stripe behind “Justice” instead of red.

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    On the FCBD Divergence, she is named and appears in full.
    In JL #40 she is in a shadow and is not named. It’s known it is her because she states he father is Darkseid.
    1st full is Divergence.

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