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rebirth_superboy_designAs promised and after the warm-up with some good ol' classics, it's time to check and see what you all think about newer characters, starting with the new Superboy: Jonathan Samuel Kent, and not any of the previous Superboys or Supersons. I think there's enough material with this one character.

After years of clone Superboys, and following the success of Batman's son as Robin, someone at DC must have suggested it would be a great idea to do the same with Superman. And it is. It's not like kids identify with Superman because he goes to high school or anything like that, so aging him is not a problem. They tried with a younger Superman (New 52) and no one seemed to care, so why not go back to the classic Superman and give him a kid?

Enter Convergence, the latest DC mega-crossover that, as is often the case with DC, failed to tell a simple story with clear consequences, opting instead to give us vignettes featuring alternate versions of characters fighting each other. Don't get me wrong, some of the minis were enjoyable, but the main series was not what anyone was expecting, focusing on the personal voyage of a handful of characters.

Amidst all this nonsense, something happened … In the pages of Convergence: Superman #2, pre-Flashpoint Superman and Lois Lane had a kid. A kid they would name Jonathan Samuel Kent:

Convergence - Superman (2015) 002-020

The story of the Superman Family would continue in Convergence #8:

We meet them again in Superman: Lois & Clark #1 which tries to explain how they ended up in the New 52 universe's past (arriving the day of Darkseid's attack of the first Justice League arc), but it is clear they are the very same characters that appeared in Convergence. After a flashback intro, we jump to the present where the baby has the age he currently has in the comics:


The series ends around the same time new 52 Superman dies, placing pre-Flashpoing Superman as the only Superman in the DC universe and a Jonathan Kent who starts developing superpowers. Here's the last page from the last issue, Superman: Lois & Clark #8:


This doesn't happen very often in comics … DC's biggest success with this character is that they are taking their sweet time developing it before dropping him in Super-Sons, which people are now really looking forward to. The only problem with this slow development is that there's an abudance of keys for the character. Let's not forget the first time in costume, in Superman #2:


And last, but not least, first cover in costume: Superman #3 Rocafort Variant

Superman #3 Kenneth Rocafort Variant

So, to recap, we have here the full story of a new character from birth to development of superpowers, to first costume to first cover. Which one do you think will grab the market's interest over the rest, though?

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  • Avatar

    Gotta got with Convergence: Superman #2 as first appearance. The other ones are key also though.

  • MZircher

    Just curious as to people’s thoughts on Superman American Alien #1 variant. It shows the baby with the Superman symbol on his chest, and it’s from Jan. 2016. not sure where this books fits in the timeline.

  • Avatar

    Convergence #2 Baby 1st appearance like Baby Cable in X men #201, Lois and Clark #1 1st appearance and cover then 1st appearance as Superboy Lois and Clark #8 I would think.

  • MC

    So what is the first appearance convergence mini #² or Lois & Clark #1?

  • Avatar

    No love for the Convergence Superman #2 variant?

  • dollarbinkiller

    Xmen 201 first (Nathan) not the first Cable. The market decided the costume appearence wins as far as value. So with that logic Superman rebirth 2 would beat out Convergence and Lois & Clark 1 or 8? I think Alana has it right though. Curious to see what the market decides. They’re all fairly cheap if you don’t have them.

    • Topher

      She has it wrong. UXM 201 is a retcon. Convergence 2 is not. It is a designed, in-continuity, iconic appearance of Superman’s offspring. Fans tend to disapprove of retcons, kinda like Jessica Jones appearing in Amazing Spider-Man 4. Convergence 2 is the first, whether ya like babies or not is another matter.

  • Avatar

    Lois and Clark 1 is of reasonable importance and it has a 1:25 variant. Given the low supply, it’s already shot up in value as a book of importance. The market tends to remember sold listings and I don’t think it will crown a different book at this point.

  • Coswrd

    Being the most expensive and being in demand are two different things. If you want to hop all over a limited variant that most won’t collect as your “key” , fill your boots, make the hobby as exclusive as you need it to be for yourselves, but the collectors don’t drool over 1:25 or their like. Having those books in the mix for “keys” is ridiculous.

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