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Part 3 Flash Track

1st Appearance – Flash Comics #1
1st Silver Age Appearance – Showcase #4
Joined Justice League – Brave and the Bold #28

It is only approx one year until the epic blockbuster movie Justice League: Part One releases on the big screen. November 17th, 2017 is going to be an epic day. With that in mind, let's move on to speculate on a few books from one of the main characters of the Justice League: Part One movie; The Flash.

With the success of the Flash TV show, the demand for key Flash books has been steady for a few years. But in comic book history lore, Flash has been running through reader's minds for quite some time. Created by legendary writer Gardner Fox and artist Harry Lampert, the 1st Appearance of The Flash is Flash Comics #1, which was released in January 1940 and published by All-American Publications (which eventually became DC). The most interesting fact of Flash Comics #1 is that this Flash's name is Jay Garrick, not the Barry Allen most of us know today.

The Flash's biggest and most important contribution to the comic book industry is kick-starting a new age. Showcase #4 is the 1st Appearance of the Silver Age Flash and while debated by some, Showcase #4 (published in October 1956) is also the landmark comic book that started off the entire Silver Age. Writer Robert Kanigher and artist Carmine Infantino brought a new origin and take on the character known as The Flash by swiftly bringing Barry Allen to life.

Over the ages, The Flash has been played by different characters, pulled through time, and faced many foes, but one thing remains the same. The Flash is still the fastest man alive.

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The 1st Appearance of Wally West, who first became Kid Flash, is The Flash Vol 1 #110. Wally West actually becomes The Flash in Crisis on the Infinite Earths #12, which is a severely undervalued book.
Bart Allen's 1st App is in Flash Vol 2 #92 as the character Impulse. It was not until Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #1, which features an insane cover by Ken Lashley, that Bart Allen took on The Flash mantle.
The 1st Appearance of the Reverse-Flash aka Professor Zoom (Eobard Thawne) is in The Flash Vol 1 #139. Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #74 is the 1st Appearance of Bizarro Flash.
While short lived in their stay as The Flash, the 1st Appearance of Tanaka Rei as The Flash is Legends of the DC Universe: Crisis on the Infinite Earths #1. While technically on Earth-9, Flash #1, from the DC imprint Tangent Comics, is the 1st Appearance of Lia Nelson as The Flash.
Becoming hot a few months ago and still holding strong in high grade because of the black cover, The Flash Vol 2 #138 is the 1st Appearance of Black Flash. Short lived, Kyriad held the mantle of Flash in The Flash Vol 1 #309.
Although a derivative of The Flash, two characters took on the mantle of Impulse. The 1st Appearance of Kent Shakespeare as Impulse is in Legion of Super-Heroes Vol 4 #53. The Flash Vol 2 #225 is the 1st Appearance of Iris West as Impulse.

Recommended Reading

      • Greatest Flash Stories Ever Told
        Collects Flash Comics #1, 66, and 86. Comic Cavalcade #24. Showcase #4 and The Flash Vol 1 #107,113,119,124,125,137,143,148, and 179.
      • Impulse: Reckless Youth
        Collects Flash Vol 2 #92-94 and Impulse #1-6.
      • The Flash: The Human Race
        Collects Flash Vol 2 #136-141 and Secret Origins #50.
      • Flashpoint
        Collects Flashpoint #1-5.
      • Crisis on the Infinite Earths
        Collects Crisis on the Infinite Earths #1-12.
      • The Flash: Blitz
        Collects Flash Vol 2 #192-200.
      • The Flash: Rebirth
        Collects Flash: Rebirth #1-6.


Surprisingly, there are not many high dollar / sought after Flash variants. This is actually a good thing, because that means you can find these at decent prices with the potential for profit down the road. First on the list, we have the insanely undervalued Flash Vol 4 #1 1:200 Francis Manapul Sketch Variant. I usually don't dig sketch variants, but the yellow added to this cover just makes for a beautiful piece of art. Next we have two Flash: Rebirth variants with sick art. Flash: Rebirth #4 1:25 Ethan Van Sciver Variant features a great Reverse-Flash cover. A few months later, Flash: Rebirth #8 1:10 Artgerm Variant came along and added a crazy Flash vs Reverse-Flash race cover that features fantastic depth. The Flash Vol 4 #31 1:25 Batman '66 Mike Allred Variant is becoming a ghost. Another severely undervalued book is the Superman Vol 3 #36 Francis Manapul 1:50 Flash Variant. A beautiful piece of art featuring a Superman Vs Flash race.

As always, thanks for reading, and yes, I do still believe in heroes!

Keep in mind that it's always the turtle that wins the race . . .

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    Considering how long Wally West ran as the Flash, in his own “The Flash” title, definitely agreed on Crisis on Infinite Earths #12 being seriously undervalued/overlooked.

    Great Flash write up !

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