M&M Comics Results & Fan Expo Contest


Had to create a new category because there's too much stuff going on at the moment, but hopefully we will have enough of these to justify it.

M&M Comics Winner

Thanks again to M&M Comics for giving us the opportunity to run the contest!!! Among all the comments you in this thread, M&M Comics' Mike had this to say:

And the winner is 4 Darkseid!


I think his comments on our Dave Dorman Dark Knight III variant give an example of what a great cover is all about. A great cover should be something you can look at again and again and every time you find something different. From the subtle “S” in the explosion to the Bat symbol on the sole of his boot. There is a lot going on here. Did you notice the “Genuine Gotham Basher” on the baseball bats?


His second comment on our Terry Dodson ASM #1 cover dethroning JSC really hit home and we couldn't agree more. Congratulations!

So there you have it, 4 Darkseid will get the set of M&M Comics variants … Wait, there's more! In an incredibly generous move, Mike said they would send each person who commented their favorite cover!!! Awesome, right? I will repeat that … EVERYBODY WHO COMMENTED WILL GET THE COVER THEY PICKED!!! I will be contacting all of you starting tomorrow to get your details. Thanks for taking part and extra special thanks to M&M Comics, the Oprah of comic shops!!!

New Contest: FAN EXPO Variant Set

You didn't take part on the M&M Comics contest and now are kicking yourself? Don't worry, here's another chance to get an impressive set of comics: the Fan Expo Vancouver set discussed here (which you can still pre-order here). As a reminder for the click-lazy here's the gallery:

We actually have 2 sets of these to give away before they premiere this weekend and you just know that the Batman Adventures #12 by Bruce Timm is going to be desired for years to come, so why not take part? What do you need to do?

One set will go to a random commenter in this thread (only one comment per person will be counted) and the second set will go to whoever proposes the greatest mashup for this week's podcast. Some basic rules:

  • in the context of this contest, “the greatest mashup” means “the one Iñigo likes the most” or “the one that makes Iñigo tap his foot and feel human again”
  • it has to be an existing mashup, and you should include a link
  • if two people propose the same mashup, the person who posted it first will be picked
  • you cannot propose a mashup we have already used

In case you haven't figured it out yet I have a type and tend to favor hip-hop vocals with cheery music. Just saying …

Both contests will be closed when this week's podcast is published (Wednesday night / Thursday morning) and no, you cannot win both sets. Winners will be announced on Thursday, but if you won the mashup contest, you will know when the podcast is published.

Thanks for checking in and good luck everyone!!!