Lobo, Scout, X-23, Iron Fist & lots more!

Weird Western Tales 22

First appearance of Quentin Turnbull

OK I know what you are thinking, didn’t this guy already appear in that awful Hex film with Megan Fox? Yes Turnbull was played by John Malkovich and yes that movie was terrible but this time he’s going to be on a western episode of Legend of Tomorrow and Jeff Fahey has been given the honor.


The Incredible Hulk 173

First Iron Fist?

A certain amount of issues from this month contained a head shot of Iron Fist speaking in Foom code?! It predates all other Iron Fist appearances or printed imagery ( to my knowledge ).

incredible_hulk_vol_1_173 rco022

The Muppet Babies 1

First appearance of the Muppet Babies

This book is also the first appearance of Skeeter. The babies were a wildly popular cartoon at one time and even have some desirable comics. A recent announcement states that they will be returning to TV!


Spider-Man Deadpool 8 ( Variant )

First Itsy-Bitsy

Itsy Bitsy’s first appearance is a pick for the future. Buy the variant now and hold. By the way this series is one of the better Marvel reads out there.


Justice League International 18

First appearance of “Main Man” Lobo

Let’s be honest here, Lobo is a fan favorite when he’s “ Main Man” Lobo. Omega Men 3 might be the market darling but it’s in this issue where we are introduced to the version of Lobo collector’s and readers care about.



Amazing Heroes Preview Special 1

Scout has been optioned. If you have not yet read Truman’s post-apocalyptic yarn I suggest a weekend binge. Scout 1 seems to be the only book worth a flip but you could buy this if you can find it. This publication has an insightful interview with the series creator and published a black and white cover to issue 1. It also predates the Scout comic.



It wouldn’t hurt to scoop up this bad-ass Scout cover also.



Marvel Free Previews All New Avengers 1

This comic predates all other X-23 appearances as Wolverine, including the Point One variant.

page_1-1 page_53
page_54 page_55

The Punisher 13

First Agent Rawlins

Casting news for Punisher included a bunch of characters with no comic appearances. Corrupt CIA Agent Rawlins does have a comic counterpart and it has a pretty sick cover.


Catwoman 81

First appearance of Maria Kyle

Gotham has cast Catwoman’s mother, Maria Kyle. There are only a handful of appearance of Maria. I have come around on Gotham. I am still imagining the word Elseworlds before the title and since then it’s been one of my favorite comic shows.


Licensable Bear 4

First appearance of Barack Obama

It’s around this time that political appearances in comics tend to see some love. I remember when Obama’s first comic appearance was quite a find. Now that he’s in the final stretch remember where he first appeared.

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